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Why Lydia just why?😭

Resilient strike without deceleration? Now that’s no resilient attack anymore :sob::sob: please explain to me why?


because everyone asked for resilient nerf and this is ludia responding to us. it cant be undone because ludia cant undo something they just did


dude the were super op the only good cunnings were magna and scorpius rex g3 and compsocaulus
they needed a nerf, some like tenonto were op since it could decelerate and then use a giant hit
as well some others
but as well i get it me dio is useless now but a good thing is that if had like i dunno a turtle or sauropod u can still decelarate

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Some resilients should have gotten superiority moves … not that they ever did. Those are nearly identical to the old resilient moves, aside from dodge removal.


yeah thas true

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I beg to differ that they should strongly consider doing this, given how unpopular these changes have been.

But yeah, people weren’t specific and just said “resilients need nerfs”, so they went and nerfed all the resilients just like we apparently wanted them to.


But due to the nerf lux can’t survive more than two turns against the meta fierce creatures

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Which is normal cus it’s a resilient creature, and fierce creatures are supposed to beat them


You mean the meta fierce creatures die on turn 1 against hadros lux…


Not anymore

Yaeh, actually that’s how it is now. Given that Fierce got their vulnerability resistances nefed, if they hit Lux first, they’re easily one shot because of Hadros Resilient counter + Rampage


yes, because it will one shot them on them on the first turn


everyone was saying CERTAIN resilients like Hadros and Magnus needed a nerf, not the whole class.


Thats what they meant, but it rarely was that explicit unfortunately.

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in fact this update made the resistant even more OP because lux kills in the first round if one is faster than him the majority of the resistant will do very badly with the vulnerability and to crown the all the fierce with 100 against the vulnerability ends up with 50 it was not at all a nerf but a kind of “buff” for the creatures to the damage

But they had precision instead, which made them useful

Oh yes that’s true I didn’t think about that thanks for pointing that out!

Honestly, I think Resilients should be split into two or three classes.
Deceleration, Vulnerability and Cleansing are vastly different play styles.
Tryko should have Vulnerability.
Maxima should have Decel
Tenonto should have Cleansing

Part of the problem is that there are too few classes and Resilient has become a catch-all for anything that is herbivorous. No! Armored dinos such as Anky should not be considered the same play style as HP-sinks such as Brachiosaurus. And another part of the problem is that all of these dinos are good against Cunnings. The pool of resilients is too large. Here’s where it gets confusing though.
Cunnings>HP, Armor, Cleansing
HP>Bleeders, Renders, Armor
Armor>Chompers, Bleeders, Renders, Armor, HP
Cleansing>Chompers, Armor
Chompers>HP, Cunning
Bleeders>Cleansing, Cunning

The other problem is that the classes get really confusing with Hybrids. Things that are supposed to counter one thing don’t.

I like the concept of the class system, but the execution was sloppy. It’s almost like the person who suggested it was terminated/quit before completion of the idea. Ludia, some of your ideas aren’t terrible on paper, you just need to follow-through on them.


I agree that there should be more variety within the class, but these can all still fall under the “resilient” banner - like how chompers and bleeders play very differently, but both are still “fierce”. And not every resilient needs to have a “resilient” move, so this variety as you described it should be achievable within the resilient class. No need to overcomplicate things too much - then no one can really keep track of it.


My alt played this class system in the lower arenas and it was awesome. Oviraptor was a favorite of mine early on, and then I moved to Smilodon, etc. (Don’t understand why Smilo is Cunning TBH.)

It’s in arena past Sorna Marshes where this all falls apart. The only playable Fierce creatures are Thor (Instant Attac)
Mortem (Cleansing Impact)
Maxima (Resilient)
Tryko (Resilient)
Gemini (Resilient) This has no Fierce components, but can break sheilds, what? I know: Diplo, but let’s ignore the impending can of worms for now.
Grypo (Resilient)

Notice the pattern Ludia?

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