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Why megalosuchus is not good in battle



a superhybrid needs gorgosuchus and
megalosaurus DNA to make it.

but, it’s really hard to make it work in battles.

it have more health and less atrack than
gorgo have, but it also have a counter attack.

but against gorgo or bary hybid, it will die
before the turn 3.

cause of it’s speed.

so, will it work well against slow enemies?

the answer is no.

many slow creatures has slowing abilities,
armors, and specially, shields.

this thing also got short defence, but no
armor-pierce or defense-shatterings?

it will not work well.

well, it can win though.

but using a one slot of your team
for this slowest land croc?

I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

…have fun.


and why is this thing got critical impact?

ludia need to change this thing to
shattering impact or shattering ramp


Yeah you’d think the “Siberian Tiger wrapped in razor wire” would be superior to the “panther” when really it’s best ability is the max counter attack


How depressing. I’ve still got to gather another 2000 Megalosaurus DNA (assuming I keep getting 10s again and again and again) and I feel like it’s a let down already and I’ve just wasted a tonne of Gorgo DNA


Sounds like I should just stick with my lvl 16 going on 17 gorgo then.


use shield, ferocious strike and critical impact in that order and it’s good.

gorgo is gone in two hits against something with a deceleration attack.


Could people when there talking about dinos please leave a screenshot of the dino you’re talking about I’m old-ish and can’t remember what dinos are what . Thanks


That’s been my problem with this game… lol… megalowhatikus? and I have to go through all the dino pictures to see which one has the outrageous name that was mentioned in a post… I wish the game had at least the start of the name of the dino under the picture… and a sorting function!


Lol megalowhatikus …


Rajaklyosaurus is better it seems.


This Siberian Tiger ain’t got no teeth, that’s why. Claws done gone as well. Probably either trying to scare you or lick you to death.


If you see your opponent use I-rex, you can swap to Megalosuchus.
Due to most I-rex will use CLOAK in first turn, you will be able to use shield to tank down I-rex first 2x dmg, and efficiently end it.

This strategy is available for Megalo, but not for Rajakylo, because its slower than I-rex.
Yes, Stegodeus could also do that, but its the same speed as I-rex, so your Stegodeus must be higher level than I-rex.


I don’t have one yet but I suffer more against Gorgo than Megalo


I feel bad about this :frowning:

but, you can keep it.

it can be better.
or worse :sweat:


okay I’ll find for it

or… I can just use metahub link for it



it’s the one of the most annoying dino in battle.

but if shield breakers comes out,
it can do nothing.


yes. but indominus is slow.

well, just like my last post, everything have
strategies and counters.

I’m not a skilled or mastered player.
but, my oppinion, megalosuchus is not a
good dino to use in battle.

a battle team slot for that thing?
not worth it.


It definitely needs something. Like you said, faster things kill it quicker than it can kill them, and slower things stall and armor it out.

Swap Critical Impact for Defense Shattering Impact and then bump speed to 119.

Even then though, it could really use a cleanse, slows will wreck it still, but then you’d have to toss the shield, and I don’t really like that.

It’s kind of a tough dino to fix because if you give it too powerful offensive tools while having counter it’ll be too strong, but as soon as you downgrade its offensive power a bit, it falls apart to slows and armor.

I guess start with giving it some sort of shield destroying capability and slight speed bump and we’ll see how it does in the meta.

Edit: hmm, you know what might work.

Swap pinning for defense shattering strike.
Swap Critical Impact for Cleansing Impact.

Sort of go for a “fast stallout” strategy, where you can protect yourself to keep up damage on counters via cleanse and shield, and prevent someone from out-stalling your stallout by having a way to remove shields.


I use the megalosuchus in battle, and have ever since I created her. Has been on my team since. She does absolute wonders. Has a nice 1x counter with every hit she takes aside from being stunned. With the addition of shield, and a critical. The moves might not be as strong, but you have to add the additional damage of 800-900 per counter. I hardly ever start out with this dino, I either use the ferocious strike on a weaker dino or when an opponent swaps for a faster dino like the monomimus, I’d swap and get a counter in. Taken down indos stegodeus, nothing is impossible :grimacing:


good idea.

It can’t be the strongest, but if ludia fix it like
your idea, it will be a credit for our team.