Why Monolemetrodon is fine as it is!

Monolemetrodon is perfect. The perfect fierce cunning creature is amazingly strong and powerful in the arenas. But listen to me when i say this. IT HAS A TON OF COUNTERS. You throw any cunning creature at it that is faster, its done. You throw Erlidominus at it, its done. Its weakness is the fact that it has no sort of damage dodging moves. AT ALL. This is what makes it balanced. I did make this rework of it to make it a little less “OP”, as many of you think it is.

The no resistance to vulnerability makes it harder to risk going fro the rampage when you need to cleanse with the fierce strike.

  • Its Fine
  • It needs a nerf.
  • It needs a buff.

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Which legendary cunnings beat it though? If cunning is supposed to counter it, then why does it resist distraction and have the ability to remove dodge every turn? Adding a weakness to vulnerability doesn’t help all that much IMO because it isn’t a commonly used and in the first place, and it will most likely still kill the vulnerable user in 2 turns.


A lot of Cunnings that crush it have a ton of damage.

Ok, which ones?

Preferably ones that can be obtained as easily as Monolometerodon can.

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I think one of the problems with monolometrodon is it’s really high rend resistance. I think it should be smaller like 50%


That’s a Unique.


Velo of same level can destroy in two turns, and now it’s a global anytime so yeah

So everyone should run Velociraptor, which gets destroyed by any dino with a single slowing attack, specifically to counter Monolometerodon?

Plus even Velociraptor can’t beat Monolometerodon if it has it’s rampage available


I think it does need a small nerf. Its main issue is the resistance to Distract… remove that, and it suddenly loses several matchups against Cunning creatures without really losing any matchups that it’s supposed to be winning against specific Fierce and Resilient creatures. It’s not a super hybrid, so it shouldn’t really be the top Legendary. If it were, that’d be different, but it’s not. Just take off Distract, and if for some reason that makes it too weak (which I seriously doubt would happen), then turn its Damage up to 1500.


I made a topic on how to balance Monolometrodon. I’ll post the link here.

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Here’s my take on Monolometerodon:

There are some dinos that are defensively strong, with very few weaknesses. There are also some dinos that that are offensively strong, with powerful attack options against most opponents. Both of these can be absolutely fine and balanced. But together, they can create a problem. This is the main issue with Monolometerodon, in my opinion. It’s fantastic defensively, with surprising bulk and a single “weakness” to distraction. But it even resists this one weakness! Theres not really any kind of debuff that can stop it. Now by itself, this might not be a problem. But Monolometerodon also excels offensively. It has good attack (which can only be reduced by 25% with distraction). It also has offensive tools against basically any dino in the game. It can break shields, remove dodge, and distract fierce dinos. Combined with it’s defensive strengths, there’s no buff it can’t overcome, and no debuff that can significantly hinder it. To be balanced, it can’t have both of these at once.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? You get Monolometerodon.


And that’s what I did with my nerf. His attack and speed was lowered, Moveset was changed, as well as the resistances.

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How is decreasing the power of your opponents attack by 50% with a shield different from reducing your opponents attack by 50% with distraction? Other then which dinos are affected, of course.


Ya by 50 and 200 that’s not really changing much

Like that might change one or two match ups but overall it’s not gonna do anything


Did you do the math correct?

Ya it had 4200-> 4000hp ; then 1400->1350 attack.

to everyone who replied to this thread, Mono is perfect. I hated having to nerf it

And vulnerability wouldn’t help anything since it can just cleanse it with fierce rampage

Ok. I didn’t change the health,but I changed the attacks. Also that was already on it, so I kept it.

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