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Why move Lythronax/Purrusaurs spawn out from Zone 1?


What was the point of moving Lythronax and Purrusaurus Gen 2 out from Zone 1 to Park Areas?!! I do not understand and I’m rather disappointed at losing my favourite common 'saur from appearing in my home zone. I know it’s an ingredient for the new Purrolyth (mines L19 so far) but would’t it be better to keep it in a zone rather than limited park areas. :-/

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The spawns in generell s…u…x… now so hard


@Kitalon is it worth levelling Purrolyth up to higher levels? I love its moveset, just not sure it can hold its own in low Jarassic Ruins.


It gives everyone a better chance at the dna for it.

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There will always been continuous spawn migrations. Have been since the beginning of the game.


Plenty of zones near me, few parks worth hunting. Parks are too tiny.
Live in zone 1


Can someone link an article explaining the new migration patterns? I’m really baffled by them. I have Apatosaur and Majungasaurus everywhere, but not much else. I see epics consistently spawning in the same areas, where before I only observed rare creatures doing that. It seems that everything I took for granted has changed completely.


Thanks! Appreciate the help😊.


It’s interesting that they say there are no changes to epics, I’ve noticed a lot. I live right off a Main Street and I used to see t-Rex often. I haven’t see him at all in my area since the update. I have also seen a baryonyx spawn in exactly the same spot three nights in a row. That’s pretty odd behavior for an epic, especially since the spawn is right next to a police station and jewelry store. I don’t think those are spots that bary is attached to, am I wrong?


I would also like to know. Health looks way too low for how slow he is.


Its bad…health and speed are terrible…

Its description makes it sound like its a faster croc but in reality its slower"Brings all the strength and agression of a purussaurus to a speedy therapod frame"

Purussaurus g2 at lvl 11 has 2165 health and 111 speed.
Lythoronax at lvl 13 has 2069 health and 104 speed.

Purrolyth at lvl 14 has 1671 health and 105 speed.

Anybody make its unique?.. i stopped spending coins at 14 for now.


From my experience of using my L19 Purrolyth in Jurassic Ruins I’ve found it to be very situational, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally ineffective, it can pull off a devastating surprise win as a revenge killer with it’s Ferocious Strike. BUT it’s weak. Even with it’s 10% armour it doesn’t have enough bulk (HP) or speed to survive more than 2 hits unless you’re lucky enough to setup its Long Protection. I’ve actually swapped back to using my significantly more bulky and longer lasting L22 Lythronax (it’s still my favourite common, even though I can’t actually find it anymore). Is Purrolyth worth it? Until it gets reballanced/buffed in a future patch or is majorly over-levelled I really wouldn’t bother tbh. Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to having a good bulky counter-attacking Lythy hybrid, however I will continue and push on through to the Grypolyth, y’know for science.


Yes and these are exactly the Purroltyh’s problems; it’s speed is completely wrong (it should be 110 at least). And it’s bulk is woefully insufficient, if they give it another 500/1000 HP I’d put it back in my team. But unfortunately it just isn’t up to scratch (yet).

I also don’t like it’s name, it should’ve been dubbed the Purronax!


Cause locale 1 gets hooked enough already!!!


I’m not sure I understand what mean


You get access to most of the meta relevant hybrids in zone1 than any other zone. People already complain that you have all the sino, Kentro, dilo , megalo and dimetrodon etc there new unique hybrid linked to the lythronax -purrasaurus hybrid so big L hooked everybody up with equal chance to make it. I don’t see a problem!?!

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Thank you for explaining! I see what you mean. I’d happily give up Kentro and dilo for Lyth and Puru, but hey. C’est la vie!


Yeah you speak for yourself on this one, giving up components to two uniques, one being the best counter attacker in the game, and arguably the best dino in the game.

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Pretty lol when zone 1 dwellers don’t even realize how good their local is!!!

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