Why must I work for a living


Are you kidding me… Busiest day of the week… Cannot get out of the office. I wanna cry.


Ouch, I feel you :sob::sob::sob:


Two useful ones aswell🙄


My only hope is that the GPS throws me outside
“Please excuse me for a moment; I need to grab something from my car…”


I got him :shushing_face:
Thankfully, no one asked why my shoes are wet on this warm sunny morning…


Had this problem the other morning with a Brachiosaurus. I could have gotten it, but then I would have been late for work.

Bit of my soul died if I’m honest.


Got back late from lunch yesterday…
Lots of questions as to what took me so long, then one coworker chimes in, “Where you chasing dinosaurs?”


So, did you get both by going out of office? Or Just the T-Rex by hanging outside from the corner window of your office? :smiley:


When you “gotta go,” you “gotta go” lol


I have had that before, met my company director on my break, and he was like this looks like a good place to be standing! ‘Yeah im uh catching dinosaurs’.
Right good luck


I could only just get in range of Rexy, but when I got back to my desk, a Megalo spawned in range.
And now there’s a Spino gen 2 just out of range. Lol


Some people getting epics and rares. Not reaching me. Jealous :sob:


This is the first Rexy I’ve seen in weeks…
Today’s a Spino gen2 day for me… Not even 11 am and I’ve seen 5 so far. Couldn’t get them all, but still…


Sitting at my desk being tormented…
Just waiting for 6:30 quitting time to roll around… You know, when all the rares and epics will disappear. :joy::tired_face:

Who else lives with this torture…



There has never even once been a dino spawn at that stop just to my left… They prefer to be just out of range.


Brave little Titan stepped across the line…
(I really should get some work done…)


I’m lucky because I’m in a vehicle all day ay work and can take detours to get most dinos. People have accused me of being a spoofer because of how much DNA i have for certain dinos but its just from hunting at work 5 days a week. I don’t skip hunting while at work, even when i don’t really feel like doing it because i know I’ll miss something good


She works hard for the money :moneybag:


Same—no time to go get this guy :frowning: