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Why nerf ANY apex?!

It gets old hearing about all crying about nerf requests constantly. The nerf requests is partly to blame for how broken the game is. Ludia sometimes hears all the crying and addresses the nerf requests but then it breaks something else and usually makes the game worse off for it.

Not only that, the dinos people usually ask to nerf are the same ones people are spending time investing into creating or leveling up. That also gets old pouring so much time, effort and investing into the good dinos of the current moment only to see it get nerfed.

Which leads me to nerfing apexes. WHY?! They are apexes for a reason and are supposed to be dominant dinos. Personally, I’d rather see apex dinos removed completely from the game before seeing them get nerfed. If any of the apexes get nerfed, all they will be are glorified unique dinos.


Because buffing every other dino up to their level is way too inefficient for Ludia, and every change is another chance for them to mess up. Nerfing 2 is easier than buffing 200.

As for why they should be around as strong as uniques: if every apex was better than every unique, there would be only 7 meta dinos. That’s way too limited. It’s not that bad now, but we should move away from that rather than towards it.


It is simple why, they are not accessible to everyone, therefore that makes the game uneven and especially in the arenas from the Aviary down, it is unfair that some have the Apex and others do not, that gives them an advantage over those who they don’t have them, and just because Ludia made them that way to get them through the raids.

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Not every apex just Cera and Lux atm they need a nerf because they destroy most things including the apexes(including Morty which by the class system they are supposed to lose to it).:slight_smile:

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Honestly I wouldn’t mind that. Most Uniques are pretty cool, wouldn’t hurt to have a few glowy ones without wrecking the others’ viability

Also blaming the balancing changes Ludia gets wrong is both obvious cherry-picking and taking for granted the fact that Ludia will mess things up, when we should be able to count on them to know how to balance the game properly without relying on a few arbitrarily picked posts as their sole authority on the matter. So even if their strategy was what you said it is they would still be the only ones that should be held accountable, since nerf threads are necessary and they have to deal with that.


I think people overestimate the requests for nerfs… We’ve been asking for a nerf to rhinos for ages, both Unique rhino and Epic one, for tourneys, since they got their SIA… and nothing… Well, they nerfed Monorhino’s attack A LITTLE once, but it kept being a game changer and is now stronger again thanks to recent changes.

And Cera?.. We’ve been saying it’s too strong since weeks before its raid even came out! And here it is, messing up the arena more and more for every level up they get.

Truth is, Ludia does what they want when they want… You know when they will nerf Cera? When everyone from mid-upper arenas has it fully boosted at level 30… Then they will nerf it, like they did to Mortem.

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I think Apexes should be less versatile than Uniques, personally. They should each be ridiculously good at one, very specific thing, but would lack the ability to deal with multiple classes or situations that Uniques are.

Right now, Apex moves are too versatile. Change the movesets to make them more specialized, and I think you have an argument for Apex’s power over Uniques versatility.