Why No Flyers?


Can’t help but notice a distinct lack of flying dinos in this game.
I mean, I understand why you wouldn’t include swimming dinos, but flyers would be really cool.

Make them fast (faster than raptors), low damage, low health, status inflicting beasties. Maybe give them a passive dodge ability like the iRex’s Cloak for survivability.

Would love to see some Dimorphodons, and Pteranodons and such. Maybe even a big, tanky Quetzalcoatlus.


There are pteranodons in the loading screen. They might get added.


Yeah, that’s what prompted me to ask… I was looking at the loading screen and thought, “Hey, wait a minute…”


Hold on Champ! This game was made not so long ago. They will add the flying dinos for sure. Don’t worry.



Uhuuu!!! we expect the flyers dinos! Put on same in São Paulo, Brazil!!! Have many hunters here!


What about shooting them? Do they then fly or walk or do something else?


How would you battle them? The arena dynamic would have to be altered to fit them in.

I would love to see quetzalcoatlus and tapejara in-game, but until Ludia figures out how to add pterosaurs to the game without breaking it, we’ll have to be patient.


I imagine you’d battle them just like anything else, they show up on the screen, sorta flap in place, and do like diving attacks when they attack.

No need to overthink it.

Same with shooting them for DNA, instead of running around the map, they fly.


They’d be like flying pokemon in the pokemon games - hover over the ground and do swoop attacks. Maybe give them a passive dodge ability like 10-20%