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Why No Raids on Weekends?

Perhaps I am in the minority, but I work during the week. So why, oh why, do all the Raids come in the middle of the week? It’s hard enough for me to get a team together to do the raids at all, and it’s almost impossible when I only have a couple of hours during the week to do it.

I don’t understand why at least some of these are not scheduled when people have some free time? I understand that some people have jobs that require them to work weekends. I do as well, just not as many hours.

At this point I have been able to do one successful raid. It’s just too hard getting people together during the week when there is work and school. Would love to be able to do more of these…


Because people love tournaments more. We need 3 days to play tournaments because they are so fun. Raids bah no one likes em…


i would also like a shot at raid bosses over the weekend. We can only gain the specific boss dna once per week, so what’s the harm in having some repeat over the weekend?


Speak for yourself. I happen to like them. Was there a poll I missed?

I have beaten one Raid and tried three. Unfortunately we lost the two because I can only ever find one other person.

And it certainly doesn’t stop you from doing the tournament. Do you not play any other aspect of JWA when there is a tournament? Seriously asking.

When I have played tournaments I still collect DNA, get my DBI, finish the Daily Missions, etc.

I hate tournaments. I like raids. Of course being the few people to work on weekends and have family time aka no JWA time, I wun be able to play much. I prefer to have 1 to 2 days for tournaments, 5 -6 days of Raids.

I was being ironic in my earlier post. There is no reason you cant have both on the same day or find a middle point between 3 days of intense/ totally ignored tournaments and having 2 more Raids a week. 1 Common 1 Rare. Change the schedule if needed.

Monday: Common
Tuesday: Rare
Wednesday: Epic
Thursday: Legendary
Friday: Unique
Saturday: Mortem and Tournament
Sunday: Tournament

In my country, the last day of tournament overlaps with most of Sino Raid Day.


I agree. The raids are just a nice break. Something different.

It’s just too difficult trying to get people together when you have to work (10 to 14 hours a day in my case) during the week. Weekends are my one shot at Raids and they are never available.

Tournaments > Raids

Tournaments are way more beneficial and rewarding than a raid. I do the raid one and done unless I’m helping the team. There are too many animations to watch to do 1 move and the rewards aren’t even good after you beat the first raid.

My team and community at ARK hit Raids hard. My alliance I have guys that play all raid attempts and win for each raid. They help the team get through and our friends. If raids were overlapping with the tournament then I’d constantly be making post telling them to get their points up in the tournaments.


Mine too…

Depend on the tournament…

Overall raids are much fun than tournaments since there is still no creature balance.


Tournaments drag on for too long. If its a Tournament that you dun feel like playing for whatever reason its just sitting there blocking a potential raid day.


Tournaments have something fun of course
But take as exemple the rare only tournaments:
You see the same busted dinos:
-Dracorex,why? his abilities are nice to counter raptors.
But on the others hand:4800HP lvl 26…
of course its too much considering his damage and speed.
I can take few example which are everywhere on this tournaments:
Marsupial lion?Why does he shine?because NO RARE have an immunity to rending.

And this is the same everywhere…
Why allogen2 is a better Tyrannosaurus?
Why armagosaure is a worst giraffatitan?
Why nobody play dsungaripterus , haasts eagles or tupandactylus?because they have NO USE,they are a worst version of anything else

Raids don’t take that much time though @Phil . It would certainly not stop me from doing a tournament just because there was a raid available on a weekend.


I’m in the camp that would prefer week long raids. No reason that I can see why we can’t have both.


Personally, don’t like raids. Unless you comunicate before, you wait endless minutes to fill the lobby. Animation breaks after each turn are just waste of time. Sino and Smilo raids are useless for me. Rewards after that first incubator are pathetic.

Like beating Mortem though, cause its so hard to beat. Also like to help others beating it.

I play tournaments on weekends. Barely manage to run some gigas with tournament. Have no interest in raiding over weekend.

If most players wants raids on weekends, fine. Though first Ludia need to make sure that invites won’t glitch out battles.

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If you do 1 and you’re done then it’s not an issue but when you have a team that does 11+ of each raid it’s tough.

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understandable. but having the bosses available on the weekend would allow players who are unable to coordinate during the week to have another shot at them when they may have more time to do so.
If Mortem (or any of the bosses) were available a second time on the weekend, I’d be able to coordinate easier with raid groups to help people take it down. Tho my work is lenient on how much “goofing off” i can do it would be much less stressful for myself if i didn’t have to worry about work and coordinating a raid between multiple time zones.


You can come to ARK we have a whole Raid section. If you can raid with your team someone at ARK would probably help you out. 60+ teams and friends.

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thank you. I’ll look into that. But i’m not just gonna up and abandon the two groups i do every Wed.
Solid groups that have been working together for weeks now.


Do people seriously do 11 of each raid?! It’s almost impossible for me to even get one going :sweat_smile: I feel like such a loser!

Yeah, a big part of my problem is that the alliance I am in is mostly in Italy, and I am in California. Was fine before Raids, but now it’s much harder and they do not seem to interested in doing them even when there are enough of us together.

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I barely get one or two a day. No one seems to be about or they don’t have high enough level creatures to deal with certain bosses. I fear that Mortem Rex will forever be a grey square in my dinodex.