Why no rollback yet?

What is the holdup?

Not enough people haring the “mixed reviews”

Wish it was possible to get a refund at this point in time.


Yeah, I’m done.

The lack of developer response shows clearly I’m wasting my time here. With the last update they dump a log in the pool and completely refuse to clean it up…

Such a shame, the core of this game was great, but the last patch completely ruined it and even more damning, even after 100% of feedback being negative, the developers did nothing. If their response is this bad in beta, no way I’m sinking time or money into this game.

Such a pity, the game was really fun.


I agree, I’ve been lurking for a long time waiting for some kind of developer response and it’s just sad to see it’s not happening. Finally created an account here just to say I’ve lost my trust.

Maybe internally they’re scrambling to rebalance and fix things, but it’s a wasted effort if they dont let us know that they’ve heard the concerns. More community engagement needed - ideally before people uninstall.