Why not a full Market, other than donations?

Why not a system to change supplies, dnas, resources and even (why not) dinos, inside alliance groups, other than ask for donations? Too complex to make?

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Too easy to exploit.

Or just too broken don’t you think?? There are already alliances with multi accounters or spoofers you don’t want to give them an advantage…


Well. Sorry, I didn’t know that. What kind of spoofing they do? :scream:

Plenty of old threads to answer this question.

But I agree with @quakeur @Marktheshark & @TheMaxx …

Spoofing accounts still exist … and always will. I hope ludia is capable of banning them at a rate faster than they are created though.

Trading epics is just a terrible idea because of this. Too high potential for abuse … and this would even increase the market for spoofing accounts.

How much real cash do you think someone would transfer for Erlik DNA? :male_detective:t4:‍♂


And judging by some players on the current leaderboard, signs indicate supposed legit players have started to dabble with spoofing…


You mean they are just getting more obvious now hahah!

Spoofing accounts must be dealt with, otherwise whenever a new feature is implemented, there will be potential exploit.