Why Not Add New Creatures in the Battle Incubators?

I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s so hard to collect even the rares and commons from recent releases, and just noticed that they aren’t included in the pool of DNA for battle incubators.

These seem like one of the main ways to distribute DNA, so why not add the new stuff to the random battle DNA pool?

Right now, I see there are new creatures, but the only way I’m getting that DNA is through the training centers. It’s hard to get excited about new creatures you don’t see often enough to level up and play.

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All 3 new creatures are available in epic incubators, even the 24 hr battle incubator.

Why just the epic incubators? Only one of them is epic.

It’s boring for base 3 hour incubators to still mostly be giving out dna from the launch creatures.

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