Why not add the bosses of jurassic World the game to jwa

Not to add JWTG Bosses, they are rather stylish, here is a small list of JWTG bosses.

Omega 09

Juggernaut 32

Valkyrie 77

Salamanders 16

Kraken 18

Maelstrom 08

Colossus 04

Béhémoth 93

Akupura 81

Ouroboros 66

Phoenix 44

Death Dodo

and the best for last…the fearsome Alpha 06

ah yes it’s true, I forgot imperatorsuchus, oh well no, it was imported from JWA…

well I know it’s going to be a bit hard to add akupura, Colossus and kraken, by the way, you prefer the “apex” of JWA or JWTG, as old JWTG players, I prefer the bosses of JWTG


No! Just No! No Aquatic Bosses! The Game Would Be Unable To Handle It And Break Down!


Adding the bosses from jwtg is just really lazy not gonna lie


so first of all, aberto calm down, no need to have a heart attack, no sea animals, on the other hand I don’t understand why adding JWTG bosses will be boring, they are cool, well n I know, have already a T-Rex and a snake, but having a pteranodon boss or a deer boss would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Ludia is actually going to add a pteranodon Boss, the pteranokyrie. It is going to replace hadros Lux.


ho, thanks for the info, well i guess the deer could still come

where did you get this information???

We kinda already have some jwa varients of those bosses already.
For omega/alpha we have mortem
For Juggernaut we have ceramagnus
For ouroboros we have hydra boa

So no we will not add them as they are lazy and they wont fit into jwa


Maybe a apex for monolorhino that resembles behemoth

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I actually came up for the name of the deer boss. It would be called megalostrom and will resemble maelstrom 08.

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Too much stuff already.

We don’t need the bosses. Imperatosuchus fits jwa, but the jwtg bosses don’t fit the game at all. Plus the dinosaurs in JWA are cloned independently, (or released) but JWA takes place in aonther universe where everything in JWTG never occured (including the boss) so it would not be able to work in universe


No cuz JWA and JWTG are different games


It’s just really unoriginal compared to adding something completely new

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both games already have imperatosuchus, so that’s something
hydra boa
mortem rex
Upcoming pteranokyrie
and ceramagnus are the variants to their jwtg counterparts.

and so there’s no actual need for jwtg bosses here,
and besides, they’ll probably become powercrept killers like giganyx

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It seems to me that we already have too many bosses occupying the map, and they make the game slow, if more are added the old ones should be removed, creating more apex fuses would be a good thing.
We have Imperatosuchus, Mortem Rex, Ceramagnus, Hydraboa that are very similar to some of those bosses, then as for the aquatic ones, I have already expressed it in another moment if we want a game with aquatic creatures Ludia should create another application separately, not in the current application.


That would be a cool idead, especially for the Cenozoic bosses

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first of all i was aware for the fact that imperatosuchus was from JWA, it’s not like i wrote it in the thread anyway, and yes it’s true that it’s boring compared to the novelty and that the bosses have their own style, and besides, I love the simplicity you had in answering me “we can’t do that because it’s two different games” @EpicThoradolosaur983 :joy:

it’s a little weird that the name is quite close to the name of JWTG…

I don’t really want the JWTG apexes in this game. The purple glowy theme they all have is kinda boring which is why I prefer the JWA apexes more, the only JWTG boss I like design wise is Colossus, which can’t even be properly implemented to the game as of now.