Why not get rid of rock, paper scissors idea

This game used to be super fun, there was tons of variety and it was cool, like i remember when a dilourano could decelerate. I think there should be two versions: raid and pvp. raids keep the classes while pvp is back to its old self where everything could be used and battles weren’t based on rng. I also think nothing should be weak, everything should be strong and others stronger.


Battles were always based on RNG, and there was just as much variety back then as there is now.

The only difference is that the creatures dominating the arenas back then have been swapped out for the ones dominating the arena now.


I really like the 2 sets of stats idea, 1 set for raids 1 for pvp, since 2.0 a number of dinos have disappeared from pvp completely keratoporcus is a great example, although not commonly used by the masses, i & others used her very successfully, now she’s garbage for pvp (I did give it a try) , so ludia if your listening give it some thought, I promise not to hold my breath though as reliability isn’t a strong point with the game right now.

resilient dominates, there are few cunnings that are endgame viable, only existing in phoru(not really anymore), magna which is part fierce and has null, rinex which has stun and orion which is also part resilient. What i mean is that rng is really bad now, if you pull a cunning, there is a high chance you will face a resilient and there are fierce resilient, wild cards, resilients and some fierce creatures to worry about

I would argue that instead of throwing out the rock paper scissors design entirely, Resilient just needs to be tampered down a bit, and the cunning creatures need a buff across the board. But overall the system is a vast improvement over the previous immune meta.

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separate resilient and superiority abilities. make them do different things. buff fierce abilities. introduce more end game fierce creatures. that should balance out everything and allow cunnings to do their job while not being so vulnerable to resil creatures.

I 100% agree that the Rock Paper Scissors should go.

And resilient should be tempered as it’s way too op.

But that’s only a part of the pvp problem.

We need more arena relevant dinos and less of the fully boosted same old dinos we see from Lockwood upward.

Let’s see the hard work we put into creating unique dinos rewarded by having viable creatures instead of benchwarmers.


Yeah there’s some superb looking dinos such as dsungia & spinocon, yet they’ve irrelevant & too brittle to be used , they just get smashed up , but creating them is many times harder than say a Thor, part of the problem has always been availability of the dna, which has changed too. I feel that a level cap in an arena might help, but that has its problems too , the answer isn’t an easy 1 that pleases everyone overall

No just no I like everything the way it is and that would be a lot of work for the devs my indpraptor will become useless who has 18 boosts and is lvl 24


I too think things are better and more balanced. Some people seem all too eager to return to the stale immune meta, where are few Swiss army knife hybrids reigned Supreme over all. It’s much better now by comparison, although more balancing needs to be done.

100 million percent

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I do agree with all creatures being good but not a strong epic beats a weak unique all uniques should be good for their lvl Apex epic legendary common and rare will all be on their own lvl as well

And if you’re lucky a legendary will beat a unique but it has to firce to beat resiliant

No, I said we should get rid of the rock, paper, scissors things. I never said go back to immune meta. that was horrible, but I also said every bad creature should be buffed to good while others are better than good. If you think this is balancing, 2/3 of tyrant creatures are resilient while only 2 are wildcards, only 1 is cunning fierce, one is cunning, and one is resilient fierce. Some fierce kills cunnings, fierce resilients kill cunning and almost every resilient kills cunning. a lot of resilients kill fierce, which are supposed to counter them. There are 84 resilients, 17 fierce-resilient versus 52 cunnings, 15 cunning-fierce, 6 resilient-cunning, 12 wildcard and only 49 fierce.

That means there are 107 creatures, only 73 cunning creatures, and only 81 fierce, only 12 wildcard. There is a big difference since resilients should mre more rare due to the fact that their movesets are so much better. It makes no sense: fierce cleanses vulnerable which most of them are immune to, cunning cleanses dot which is ok, while resilients cleanse everything about cunning

Rock paper scissors system was either implemented in a wrong way or they didn’t
finish it. Skill tournaments after 2.0 are nightmare. Most creatures are so specialized that they counter only certain creatures. Battles are decided by rng before start. You draw wrong hand and you can do nothing but lose. Arena is a bit better, because of boosts.

Don’t miss immune meta. Though battling is now worse than ever. Before you could get a win with skill in bad matchups. Now you draw bad hand, you lose.

100% agree, matchmaking is horrible. indy for example can’t use her main move against resilients which is what she is supposed to counter and is slower than most resilients so she dies. the only reason mine always beats resilients is cuz she has 127 speed and no one boosts their resilients that high. seriously, resilients should only be bypass. Resilient doesn’t even sound like a nullifying move, it sounds more like a shield move and fortification.

I understand your point, but there are many advantages to having a class based system. What I think needs to be done is a general reduction in the number of creatures with resilient moves and an overall rebalancing of the classes.

So I don’t think the rock paper scissors system is bad, in that the core idea is good. This way it is easier to build a well balanced team, and in a battle situation knowing which classes are good against which can inform your strategy. Without the class system, I fear the tyrant list will be entirely composed of Jack of all trade creatures that can win in a broad number of scenarios. That would be very boring.

I see resililient moves as dodge removing and cleansing distraction, but not slowing move. That way fierce can beat resilients and cunning won’t get destroyed and will do some damage.

ah that makes sense, but it shouldnt remove cloak, i know cloak is evasion but maybe just the avsion part, not the damage factor.

I agree. Such a change would come a long way towards balancing the resilients.