Why not make it 6 attempts at rares for special events?


The number of attempts should progress with rarity so why isn’t it 12 attempts, 6, and 3 respectively for commons, rares, and epics for special events?

Events shouldn't have a limited amount of attempts to acquire a dinosaur
12, 6, 3, 1 please

How many should uniques be?

Agree that rare should be 6 though.


It used to be 6 but they pulled it back to 3.


I don’t know, 1? :man_shrugging:


Do you have a screen shot? Probably so they could sell more incubators :money_mouth_face:


Totally Agree with you!


The first day they announced the event it said 5 or 6 but that quickly got changed to 3. No screenshot here but they tend to change loads of things without patch notes.


Please Ludia let us have 6 chances on rare dinos! The curve would be so perfect. 12 on commons, 6 on rares, 3 on epics and 1 on uniques. Especially when you give us such cool rare dinos! I would love to play charlie in comp but at lv9 he’s just not good enough for arena 7.
Please mighty Ludia-sama hear the voice of someone who loves the game you blessed us with xD


Gets my support!!!


Yes, please, we need 6 attempts at rares. It’s what makes sense and what players have been asking since week one.


During daily and weekly events there should be an unlimited amount of attempts to acquire a dinosaur. It frustrates some players that they can’t aquire the dinosaur of the event because they only have a limited number of attempts. The event time limit should remain the same.


I like the 6 tries on the rares too, lets make it happen.


Agreed. Please make it at least 6 attempts.