Why! Not more chances

How can we enjoy hunting the indominus Rex and the Indoraptor if is only gives you only 1 chance! ! !

Enjoy it once :man_shrugging:


Wouldn’t that be a bit op if you got more attempts?


I know we want to keep the streak alive for complaining about anything but only getting one free shot at a unique and a legendary is a bit of a stretch guys.

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I argue the same thing. I get that they are super rare (or supposed to be) but at least give us 3 shots at each. That isn’t much to ask as they don’t appear naturally and only once in a very blue moon.

Rarity and availability are such as they are to control the meta and make things hard to get and desirable. These are meant to be super hard to obtain and thus you get one shot and since you get 3 shots at an epic and one at a legendary you are already getting a gift with one shot on Indo which by those numbers should be .3334 less opportunity than Indom. For every person wishing we had three shots we will probably have 10 next week wondering why they are now seeing Indo and Indom in their lower arena just from this week. Three shots? Indo would be prolific and any player looking to start on Monday would have even less of a chance of getting competitive for a long time


Unique hybrids, I can see getting 1 attempt. Legendaries should allow 2, and leave the others where they stand.

Honestly, I think legendaries should get two, only because it would maintain the pattern of getting fewer and fewer chances as the tier of creature increases. Making legendaries and uniques both get the same number arbitrarily disregards the pattern.

@JHVS you get six shots at epics, not three. Or at least I do.

No you don’t and neither do I. You get 3 per epic, which is 6 if two are available, 9 if three are available and so on.

I think we would all love to have more chances, but I’m grateful for even just the one. I will just keep working until I can get the full indoraptor. They will probably have another event before the holidays are over anyway. We still have American thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to.

I can’t imagine Ludia not leaving us at least one more shot at indoraptor under the tree.

Huh, I thought it was just six regardless. Well either way, even if it’s three, my point about it being inconsistent to have legendaries and uniques both have 1 still stands.

There ya go, more tries at Indo. Folks are complaining that Sorna is bad with Indom in it now. How about if everyone has a level 22 Indo also. LOL

I appreciate the one try. It is enough to save a few fuses.

Unless you are arguing we should only get around 10 seconds to dart Indo you are arguing against consistency. This event is a gift.

Yes, be thankful & appreciate the gifts, not complain about getting less of them.

It would be a bit unfair for the people who had to work there butts off to get them it’s like the Nerf everything situation. Im yet to get Indo myself I’m stuck on 244 with mine just done a fuse needed 30 got 20 gutted :joy: back to the grind collecting Velo DNA but no complaints here I like the fact they are so hard to get it’s so much more satisfying when you eventually get that last fuse and create them we need to leave things alone

Dude, I don’t even need the gift. I already got both I-Rex and Indo before them. I’m just pointing out the internal inconsistency in their system by doing it this way.