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Why not Mosasaurus in the game?

I suggest to add Mosasaurus in the game


Doubt it would be much use on land…


It’s a nice idea but then it would have 3-6 updates about them wgen really right now we need actual DINOSAURS. Plus it would be hard to cordinate aquatics and Land together…

No you just put a blue thing around them, the arena would be the issue. They could spawn in different areas based on what they were in JW the Game. Mososaur could spawn in rivers or when a beach is lowtide cuz it is a surface.


We’ll get aquatics eventually I am sure.

they added a turtle, I dont see the problem with a mosaur.

Has anyone imagined a scenario for JWA that would make sense for aquatics? In JWTG, we have a wonderful aquatics arena. I used to play it a lot. Some of those creatures are baffling.

If they were to do this, then how would it be different from the JWTG version? Have actual PvP matches with JWA battle mechanics. The rest might be much of a copy.

How to get the DNA though! Aquatic DNA rewards from today’s battle incubators? Strike events with aquatic DNA rewards? Yes, pretty similar to JWTG. Over time, u can build up some DNA, just, it would be slower, without spawns on the map. Deepsea fish don’t realistically show up on rivers etc…

it wouldn’t matter where they appeared on the map. The map is just there as a conceit to let us find them.

JWtG has a separate aquatic arena and I think that would work just as well for JWA.

If you try real hard, and think just a tiny bit more, you might be able to see the problem with that as an example. I’ll give you a hint…

The in game turtles have feet.


Exactly. It’s do able. But would make no sense to have sea creatures capable of spawning in a pond, or just because it’s raining.

And they would need to battle only other aquatics so my Dino’s don’t have to look ridiculous in scuba gear.

Which means releasing at least a handful at once. And then you have basically a whole separate team that would require your time and resources.

Do able? Yes. Realistic? Not really.

I was always against that, cause it wouldn’t make any sense. But now that we have dinos that somehow heals a group of allies, an aquatic creature fighting on land doesn’t sound so absurd.

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Dead Mosasaurus on land that kills creatures with its smell. Yes, add that please.