Why not

Hello, I come from the JWA community with some great news, I joined JWTG again after 2 years.
Just one question why isnt the battle missions the same, why cant unlock my rexy at level 19, but now 54 :frowning: what happened

I am not am expert player but from what i heard, some missions were changed because they made players get stuck. For example, i stoped playing this game when i was like lvl 20-30 because my mission required me to feed a trex but mine was at lvl 10 so I couldnt do anything and I eventually stopped playing. Then, when I came back, a month ago, the mission was completely different and really easy.

They changed the battle event unlocks and in doing so had to change around some of the missions as well. The good news is now there are two weekly unlocks (three of you count the almost constant tournaments) in addition to the level unlocks for creatures that you can also get.