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Why Nullifying Rampage has 1 turn delay

While Precise Rampage has no delay, why does Nullifying Rampage have 1 turn delay?
Zorion will be better if there is no delay to this move.

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Orion is still very deadly just gota find out the best way of using it. Sidestep and rampage.


Yes, I often use this combo. But if the rampage is ready on turn 1, there is no need to take the damage before I can use rampage.

Orion might be a bit too powerful then. You’re meant to be strategic with it’s playstyle.

Zor is like top 5 dinos right now. No need to try and buff it. It is fine as is. Maybe if you cut it;s HP in half

Ya cause it wrecks Indos and erlidom and anything with evasive and the fact the sidestep is 100% dodge make more op. I think of the crazy attack it has I think it’s good as a counter to indo idk why it immune to distraction but who’s gonna complain it’s one of the best Dino’s in the game although I defeated it with thylo so :man_shrugging:

Because nullifying removes cloak instead of just hitting thru it.

It’s already so OP dino. It’s one of the fastest dinos in the game, great HP, you can’t distract it, it has sidestep and also nullifying rampage. :confused:

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It can be easily countered by creatures with SS and armour. Nullifying Rampage does nothing to any dino without self buffing moves but damage only.

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