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Why oh why Ludia?

I’m level 17 and just got my first unique, a 21 Thor, which I’ve boosted to 4/4/4 or maybe 4/5/4.

Hurrah! finally.

Why did I just fight a level 29 Thor with over 7000 health in Arena? The result was as you would expect.

I’ve read all of the arena tips about several levels higher etc etc and release notes about matchmaking, and nothing seems to explain this.


Trust me youre on a boat that the rest of us are on. We feel the same way, and yes, it makes no sense


This thing I saw the other day destroyed my whole team. Only my Magna and Erlidominus can outspeed it but they’re too frail


I faced those yesterday in 1 fight

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That just looks evil

That is looking evil.

Not the scariest Thor I have ever seen tho. I swear I have seen one with 7000+ health and 155 speed if my memory serves me right

Very disgusting lol

Why Ludia why??

Welcome to Ludias version of making matchmaking fair.

Every single time I level a Dino up in my team I go on a losing streak, often losing as much as 300 trophies before things settle down again.

What you will see is teams with level 28 and 29 Thor’s and Rats and level 15 commons or races to get a team that beats the system.

An absolute farce, and the reason that I and so many others only go into the matchmaking for daily incubators.


Unless you got a Dino thats level 28 or something on your team, then the matchmaking system is messed up

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Yesterday I battled against this monster.

Omg I faced a couple like that early this morning…an over powered Thor and Procera…lost both those battles in a row

Yesterday I had a battle where the opponents were all 26-28, save for one that was 25. Two legendaries, all the others unique.

I have one 25 (legendary) and one 23 (unique). All the others are 20-21. Three legendaries, five uniques total.

They seemed to be evenly spread where boosts were concerned, much like my team.

Welcome to my life! Did you recently upgrade your legendary or unique? I’m seeing a pattern where I’ll update one of my better dinos and spend the next day or three losing to much more powerful teams because of the matchmaking algorithm.