Why only 1 attempt?

the calendar said differently. What happened ludia?? I thought we had 3 at legendaries and 2 at uniques


the never said that there was more than one attempt per rarity. they just provided options to choose from. they typically only do 1 per rarity on legendary and above.


you have not been arround for too long, haven’t you? Obviously that’s not how things have ever worked arround here

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Mmmh yeah, Qiew might be quite new to this forum… :joy:


i’ve been playing since the game came out. i can count on 1 hand how many times we’ve had multiple attempts at uniques and legendaries.


There is a Gaming beaver video where he goes after different ones…there are 5 attempts…that was ~18 months back

I believe you are the new one to the game and this forum.

But thanks for the good laugh you gave me with your comment. :joy::joy::joy:


Last week we only got the one chance at Tuoramoloch unique.

In the time I have been playing it has only happened the once. An anniverasary event i think


Could have been worse, remember tenotorex

well you dont rememver the 5 uniques event so, I’m not surprised you have no clue of what you’re tallking about :joy::joy::joy::joy:

That was St. Patrick’s day and was a terrible idea. They have since limited number of attempts to 1 except for the anniversary thing they did.


yes but now the calendar gave us two uniques, one is missing from the map and the 3 legendaries only have 1 attempt, i think this is a glitch

BeCaUsE iT rUiNs ThE mAtChMaKiNg

3 uniques or 1 it doesn’t matter
the attempts will be 1 for unique + 1 for legendary
you gotta decide which to dart

Like pierre said last time it was 5 uniques 5 attempts, that’s true, but there was a whole lot of commotion due the gab between players, so now the attemps are 1 total

just the new one is bugged missing on map


The unique missing is a glitch but the number of attempts arent.
People complained about more than 1 attempts resulting in people in lower arenas making legendaries and uniques causing unbalanced matchmaking.

After that it has always been 1 attempt as was listened to the complaining voices.


yes it has, but it has always been 1 attemt per unique and legendary

remember last St patrick’s when you had two attempts at darting thor and stygi??

that one was actually 3 attempts total.


Aquele St Patrick’s tinha muito dino bom, e exageraram nas quantidades de tentativas. Hoje são dois que provavelmente ninguém vai usar