Why only 1 attempt?

The current number of darting attempts is correct. The only thing wrong today is Antarctovenator not spawning. That needs to be fixed ASAP for those who want to dart it.


my point exactly, thank you!

You should be grateful we even have any uniques and legendaries spawning on the map.

Wait antarco is not spawning? I know this is a long shot, but @Ned is it possible you could help with this, Ik you’re in holiday rn but this needs to be fixed

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Translated from Portuguese

That St Patrick’s had a lot of good dinos, and they exaggerated the number of attempts. Today there are two that probably nobody will use

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Well we had 5 unique once with 5 attempts so and 3 uniques for 3 attempts so…

I believe 49 days of read time on the forums beats 3 hours

Do you understand how bad the arena was after that? There were people running around with uniques in the first couple arenas, getting a unique requires effort and it shouldn’t be handed around to people like that