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Why only 8 PC PVP roster?

Can y’all expand it…makes no sense to have a limit. Maybe at max renown at least?

This topic was covered shortly after the previous hero was released. On the surface your suggestion makes sense, however, it would negatively impact one particular segment of players. I will loosely subdivide players into three categories to demonstrate where this concern exists.

  1. Players that purchase new heroes and spend to upgrade them. As these players quickly have reasonably equipped versions of all heroes, your suggestion would not negatively impact them.

  2. Players that do not purchase new heroes. Many of these players have well equipped heroes across the board. This suggestion would not impact them.

  3. Players that purchase heroes but do not spend to rush item progression. Most of these players would be negatively impacted by your suggestion. They would need to include their poorly equipped heroes to their rosters, which would leave them disadvantaged against the groups of players noted above.

As the developer already receives numerable complaints about matchmaking imbalances and event rigging, I am confident they do not want to add another inequitable factor into how players perceive matchmaking.