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Why only event for VIP?

Why ?
Create event exemple xp x3 for VIP
And all other player xp x2 ???
Give a chance to all player
Your VIP is to $$$$$$$$

This does seem to be becoming a trend in the game.

There’s actually a 5X Xp event for Nayeli going on (second VIP / Early access ONLY event in 5 days) and the next “moment of Glory” will also be a VIP only event.

This week, half the challenge content announced is VIP restricted…

So if i may Suggest something,
Maybe instead of trying to Force VIP down the throat of the players, try and entice hem with something valuable and interesting ?
You’re about to put EA to shame …

This game is free, but so are many other multiplayer games. Shutting out half of the events in this game to paid members is generally a bad idea as many games make events FREE of charge and they do it EVERY WEEK. Companies have to make money somehow and also balance the game so that everyone can’t just faceroll the game with legendaries bought with gems.

Unfortunately it comes down to greed. When companies ask for money, their reputation goes down until generally no one gives a damn (most probably because no one would want to play the game anymore due to the bad publicity it gets from the players themselves). This game is slowly turning in that direction with stupid useless VIP only events. I feel like there are so many OTHER uses for VIP but they went in the wrong direction with it. The problem with VIP is that other than the extra chest you can get from the 4 hour free reward, you STILL have to work for it. Small extra reward from challenges, extra special chest from Brawl (and let me remind you that free players get the shaft in this because the chest is replaced with a paltry gold bag of measly 100 or so gold) and access to vip challenges WHICH LET ME REMIND YOU, is a seriously bad idea for all players. Hmm… is that all?
I could think of things like:

Extra exp in general for participating characters.
'+ 1/2/3 to dice rolls at end of challenge
reduced price for leveling up equipment and characters
increased chance of special chest rooms during challenges
small buffs (not game ruining) during challenges that (probably should) last for the whole entire challenge
reduced entry fee for challenges

While the only thing that may make it unfair to gaming is the small buff you get in challenges, challenges are probably what everybody does anyway, why not make the game just SLIGHTLY easier for us to play, we still end up grinding like hell anyway.

For something that says VIP, it certainly doesn’t treat you like one. “Here’s a free chest, now work the hell out of yourself to get the rest” is pretty much what it’s saying.

I don’t normally contribute to forums, but I’ve really enjoyed this game (gotten to renown 15 and 2700 in battle) and want to see it get better. It’s really crappy the way they rolled this out. I’d love to say this is unfortunate, but the reality is the developers have made decision after decision to pursue purely monetary gains rather than emboldening the D&D name they are capitalizing off of and creating an enjoyable game for both f2p and p2p players. I have chosen to end my subscription as of today for the reasons stated by the previous poster, because the value is terrible. On top of this, the in-game purchases are ridiculously expensive, and there are no pathways for f2p players to enjoy the benefits of VIP status by playing more for gems.

I feel this game’s bottom line is, “How much can we make before we lose everyone?” While I think there have been some major positive changes, including but not limited to more events, more frequent chests from battles, and easier selling of overfarmed items, many of these changes came with baggage.

For instance, the VIP benefit for chests now requires timing your battles and emptying all of your chests just in time to also be able to finish 20 more points to get an extra chest. This excludes the potential for pulling a great chest that you can’t receive once your full of chests, or you need to use hard-earned gems to clear your inventory. Another example is creating a 3-tier system of privilege for events; wherein, early access players get the best events, VIP a lesser event, and f2p players no event. The previous poster made great suggestions on what could be changed for this latter problem, and I hope they take the advice in stride.

There is so much potential for this game with using the D&D universe, but currently it’s the antithesis of what D&D embodies… a game where you simply need a few dice, some friends and your imagination to play… not tons of money. What I would really like to see is transparency and what the roadmap for this game looks like. I’m afraid to ask for this, because the game has largely seemed short-sighted and monetarily-focused. However, I hope at least the addition of a new character (even if it’s wayyyyyy too expensive compared to what you’d get for a AAA publisher game of the same cost) shows the developers are looking to keep pushing out content, but the community is largely left in the dark as to whether you plan on expanding the game’s story, modes, characters, pvp, etc.

I think VIP is a great value and appreciate the added VIP only events. I’m glad that there is something that players who only grab gems off TapJoy can’t play.