Why only few of us got this epic incubator and not everyone

Well some of us got this and others didn’t. Why these double standards. Would have been happy if everyone got this. Not just few of us


the only thing i could think of is that it went out to those who completed the strike originally before it was taken off the map.


So why double rewards. U get this then again u do the strike tower. U are getting double rewards. Not fair at all

Yeah, it should only give HC to people who tried again.

so is it an acro incubator or…

It’s a halloween incubator, no acro.

or they haven’t finished sending them out to everyone yet. sometimes it takes a while for rewards to come through.

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there are a lot of different halloween strikes
reg. rare
all-blue rare
all-yellow epic

so does that mean anyone who did a common could get it?

specifically the Cruel Creature Strike. the one with 4 lv 30 dinos.

i couldnt do that
i only have lvl 15 team

wait so people got epics?!

Yeah but didn’t we have to take all 4 down the first time round , only 3 this time ?

no. it was always 3. the tower was just bugged and counted anything as a loss.

Ok it’s just I remember 4 takedown slots across the top instead of 3 , off topic ik but you noticed the update from 2.22 to 2.23

im very mad. So you guys did nothing to get it. They just gave it to you

Well now I am disappointed I didn’t try it when it was bugged! Because there’s no way I would have won

Screenshot_20201104-093753_JW Alive

I just want allo gen 2… :frowning:

No first time round was bugged nobody could complete it , people still had a chance to do it today, after it had been fixed ,

Oh ok cause i didnt get it at first.

i have more legendary dna then it