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Why only one

So I requested some epic dna today because its epic Sunday. Now I’m allowed to request again except it wont let me choose any epic dna to request. Shouldn’t we be able to request epic dna more than once on Sunday seeing as epic dna requests only come around once per week?

No, it is working as intended.

For some reason it’s just once. I think many of us read it wrong in the release notes. I assumed you could get two like most other requests. Not sure why it is restricted to one but I hope it’ll up upgraded to at least two on the day in future updates.


According to release notes, the epic dna sundays tab states the following:


Every Sunday, players can request DNA in their Alliance for 1 Epic creature
So yeah it is likely as they intended with only 1 epic request every Sunday unfortunately.

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Only 1 epic request per week.

Dna request changed from 2 with a 3 hour cool down to now 3-4 with a 6 hour cool down.