Why Opponent get double turn all the time when my life is very low!


Why Opponent get double turn all the time when my life is very low !!
This is really unfair when I have dinos with less power.


Because some dinos have moves like slow enemy , stun or so and if you get hit by that opponent can attack you again ( you lose your turn )
Study your dinosaurs and their moves


Because some dinos can take away your turns… If you had played more than 5 minutes you would know that…


That is insane! It means both players doesn’t have equal chance to win!? Because one who attacked earlier will definitely win because other one will not have chance to strike back.


You have to play smart. Not just attack. It’s not unfair, You can also use dinos with special abilities. It’s not insane. The game would be dull if there only was an attack option, don’t you think? And the stun ability is only like “22% chance to stun for 1 turn” so its NOT op


OMG this is not pokemon go where you go to gym and just hitting your mobile for fighting. Here you have to thin while you chose and balance your battle team. Raptors has 4-5 great counters that can kill them in 3 hits ( first slow them and reduce them 50% dmg )


Thank you. And would you please say one (or multiple) good counters. I use the argentinosaurus. Its OK, But i would want a better one… Sorry, im a newbie :slight_smile:


Stegosaurus is common and plentiful and a solid raptor-destroyer.

Kentrosaurus/Wuehersaurus(sp?) would be good epic alternatives.