Why Parasaurolophus + Amargocephalus = Tragodistis

I’m bored and I’m try to figure it out why this name :joy:


LOL, I’ve always wondered the same thing!

My assumption was that he was meant to be a hybrid w/a dino that didn’t make the cut, (the #SirNotAppearingInThisGameasaurus) but a quick Googling suggests that maybe it’s a reference to Ieronymos Tragodistis (“the singer”) of Cyprus, as Trag’s description mentions a “unique call” each infant Tragodistis has.


Tragodistis means singer in Greek… Probably ties in with the unique call…

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Lol i have allways wondered when he got is 124speed


Sarcorixis (the second half anyway) never made sense to me either.

Well hello from Greece

Para used to be very fast a few patches ago, then they nerfed para’s speed and gave it a lot of hp but didn’t change trago.

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I also wonder how Tryostronix got her name? The “nix” part makes sense (Baryonyx) but where did “Tryostro” come from? Thoradolasaur’s name also doesn’t follow but I’m assuming she’s named after Thor. Much better than Tarboallosinosaurus imo😂

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