Why Parasaurolophus Lux spawn mechanics are super unfair

The new Parasaurolophus Lux spawns short range, at night, and according to everyone I know, you need to be moving. Here are a few reasons that this is unfair.

• With the current COVID situation, some countries don’t allow people out during the night. This means that people that live in these countries can’t go out to look for Parasaurolophus Lux

• Also, since it is winter, people that live in cold weather areas like me, aren’t always able to go out to search for this new dinosaur

In the end, I think that Ludia chose a bad time to release Parasaurolophus Lux or they gave it bad spawn mechanics.


I think my real issue is that I walk my dog an hour every night in different places and I’ve seen 1 yet people had it 2 hours after the patch released.


Yeah, IMO night-time close range spawns shouldn’t really be a thing. It’s rather dangerous for some people to go out at night, not to talk about your points of COVID/winter. Even in my neighborhood, which is very safe from a crime perspective, I wouldn’t feel comfortable walking around in the middle of the night to get Para Lux.

Now, I think a fair solution would just be for Ludia to add in Short Range Scents that can attract short-range spawns to your location, including Para Lux, as a possible drop from the standard Scent Strikes each week as well as for purchase in the shop.