Why People Complain about "take no more than 1000 damage campaign"

Title says all
You don’t need to use freakish dinos like in IDGT 902 Vid: TAKE NO MORE THAN 1,000 DAMAGE! (Jurassic World Alive 2.12) - YouTube

Just Use a lvl 13 Velosrhacos. You don’t need it boosted at all, you don’t need to switch, just literally rinse and repeat the pounce and rampage.

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nice one that works perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:

there you go :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thx for making a Vid! You’re getting Subbed.

i think Troodon will work aswell. minimum dmg: 1400. (in pounce)

tbf, anythin with double rampage with 700 dmg shall work

edit: troodon should be 1 or 2 attack boosted

erlikogamma works as well just have to think a little harder :stuck_out_tongue:

yes gamma works.

as long as the bot will do the same cycle likeit did to velos. (Amphicyon with fierce impact)

PP, Min. Spd, PP, Debil, Up to us.

I have done this using t rex and a swap into the epic sloth. Granted i have speed bbosts on rex and it needs to get a crit on the bronto