Why people need to stop asking for nerfs

The reason people want certain creatures nerfed is that they are too powerful right? But they fail to understand that it is not unfair because they have a choice to run that creature themselves, but choose not to

No, it’s a balance thing.


have and have used each OP creature since my return in july 2019. can easily tell if it was too strong.


Imagine the game today if players haven’t asked for Procera, DracoRAT, Entelomoth, Indo2, etc, nerfs…


Yeah it’s a huge misconception to think that players can’t both use a dino and also think that it needs a nerf.

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That’s not how it works, lol.

The damage have already be done.
Many of the best member of my team and this forum have already left because ludia have put too much time before nerfing thor,DC ect ect.
Few people find normal that a 156 speed sarcorixis can 3-0 a whole team of lvl 30 with over 20 boosts of HP/atk on every creatures at the last tourney.
The problem come from the people on this forum,the speed boosts and ludia :
Forum because :they gave bad advice,want to buff indecent monster and don’t want their baby which stomp the arena getting nerfed,which result to see people leaving the game when they see their only answer is “Adapt and learn to counter it”.
Yeah,when thor 1.7 was out,some noobs dare to say that
Most people here don’t care about balance of the game and just care about their own dino
Speed boost : Getting your T-rex faster than a velociraptor is a bad idea.It make the whales stronger and the weak weaker just by breaker the simple logic of class system.
Ludia : Random creation sometimes results on really bad ideas.Entelemoth,indoG2 in 1.13,thor,old DC,procera and ardentis in 2.0 are few things which should never happened.
And since the introduction of speed boost,ludia don’t know how to fix the mess…
148 speed thor infest the arena?
Lets nerf thor speed to 105.This is not the clue,removing speed boost/rework them is
Sarco can destroy the whole epic hybrids?lets nerf brontolasmus
Marsupial lion can beat almost all rares?instead of giving rending resistance to some rares,lets nerf ankyG2 and apatosaurus.
They are out of control or don’t care


The idea is that there are viable creatures in all rarities, otherwise the game would be good when you get your first unique, and it would not be funny, for new players, or novices, there are more than 200 dinosaurs in the game why not make all They are really good, although some have to be better than others of course, and there have to be good creatures in all rarities and that are viable in the arena regardless of whether they are common, rare, epic, legendary or unique.
I would limit creatures, for certain arenas, and have a certain level to be used in that arena, so there is no imbalance.


yes, but if everything is somewhat even, its a lot more fair

That’s literally the definition of balance

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The problem with most nerf threads is they don’t take into context how Ludia actually balances the game.

Stuff like 2.0 max and tryko absolutely needed adjustments.

But the threads like this Dino is to strong for its rarity and this is to weak for a unique type of topics largely miss the point on what type of balance Ludia is trying to achieve.

Ludia balances this game like a ccg… and incubators are the packs you buy. Now the fusing mechanics add a little bit to the formula but the end result is exactly like most ccgs. Where you have both valuable and fillers of every rarity.

It goes into the psychological effects of opening packs except here we have incubators and we know we’re guaranteed that rare (epic). But what we don’t know is if it’s actually gonna be a good or bad epic.

With this type of balancing you get the emotional highs and lows of opening a good incubator vs a bad incubator.

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I find it hard to disagree with you there. The thing is, Ludia is even bad at balancing the game like a card game. They have said that the harder something is to obtain, the better it should be, which fits with the balancing philosophy you outlined. But in practice, this doesn’t always happen. For example, Monolometerodon is really good, but also extremely easy to obtain. That would be like if a common card was one of the best cards you could use. So stuff like Monostegotops would still need nerfs under this balancing philosophy. There’s no “thrill” of getting a rare/good card (or dino) there, because you get it’s ingredients all the time, but it’s nonetheless stronger than pretty much any other legendary. So if they are going to balance JWA like a card game, can they at least do it properly?

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Lots of common cards are considered “must runs” cause often they provide extreme value. Something like “opt” from magic the gathering is a great example.

And while Ludia states difficulty to acquire is part of their equation not the entire equation.

At this point in the games history having atleast a few Dino’s that are easy to level and very powerful should be the expectation cause that’s also part of Ludias balancing. Whether I’d be Stegod and tragod. Draco and proceratho… or monole and sarco. Their has almost always been a pair of easy to obtain lower rarity Dino’s that provide extreme value. At this point it’s safe to say it’s part of their design.

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That’s an interesting take on it, but then why don’t they just tell us that? It seems like everything would be so much simpler and there would be far less arguments about this sort of thing if they would just make their own stance on balancing clear. But as usual, their lips are sealed.

It’s the same thing with the turn system, where time and time again they were asked to explain it and yet they just never bothered until many, many updates later everything started to break down in the arena, and they finally relented.

Why can’t they just talk to us? How hard could it be?

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It doesn’t help that what they HAVE said (i.e. harder to get = better) contradicts what they’ve actually done.


Communication just isn’t something they do but it should be.


It’s been stated on the forum that they r testing/ running 3 versions of the game at any 1 time, logic states eventually they should get it right,…maybe🙃

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