Why pteranodon is so slow

It is strange to me that smaller pteros which should be faster than the bigger ones, it generally doesnt feel right, they are smaller, they should be faster than girrafas size pterosaurs

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The speeds of dinosaurs in the game doesn’t make much sense nor always accurately represent what would have been the case. They get speeds based on the needs of available dinosaurs and balance issues.

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Pteranodon need buff Speed or Hp, when he Come from swap he take So much dammage and next turn he die without do any move

Agreed, but Needs both

I’ve been saying this since the birds came out. They are horrendously, comically, insufferably slow. The two smaller ones (Dsungaripterus & Tupandactylus) are the same speed as most of the game’s tanks. That’s ridiculous.

All the pterosaurs require at the very least more health and greater speed. With the possible exception of Alanqa and it’s hybrid, the current state of the birds is frankly insulting.

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Pls buff ptero family specially counter attack, i want to see new mechanics im game, (SiA) i ve never faced any dino with swap in abillity, exept Alankylosaur (and i regret IT, another frustrating dino which made indominus useless crap)

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I’m the same. I’m fed up of battles where my Indominus is made worthless but silly invulnerability and nullify abilities.

The trouble is that there isn’t that much variety in SIA. The most useful are Invincibility (which I use extensively), Ferocity (provided the dino can survive swapping in) and Strike (which I’ve been on the receiving end of quite a few times). Defence can be useful but I’ve never used it personally. As for Slow and Stun, they are attached to dinos no one uses and if those dinos are levelled, their stats and movesets mean that the effort isn’t worth it. I would like to try Swap in Wounding, but I think it should be a characteristic of the Spinosaur family not just one dino within it.