Why put a cap on UNIQUE

Okay after the patch notes I was a little disappointed that players below 16 can’t make unique anymore. Why ? Me, who is lvl 15, I enter the aviary and prevent myself from being unique will be fatal for me besides I don’t think people like it because there should be a limit on unique. for the apex I agree but for the unique just why …

Sorry if it’s not noted as I’m with translators the sentences can be hard to understand😅

The level limit is only on unique raids. Given the difficultly of the new ones I don’t think having a level block on raids at 16 isn’t a big issue


Yes I know but when like me you progress but you do not have level 16 (but you have unique 22-23) you are annoyed to be obliged to make legendaries

Awesome, make your own unique by fusing like the older players used to do, we didnt have raids back then. We had to level up to 20 those useless dinos… Maybe now with the level lock they will give us more uniques as raids…


yes it doesn’t bother him it’s only ludia is made so that we can’t do apex anymore let’s say you already unlock it it doesn’t matter and the other players are in Pretty big advantage now

But seriously, the current unique raids arent that good, indoraptor is useless, stygidaryx useless (getting a buff but pretty sure its still gonna be useless), andrewtops meh, only phorurex is great.

create and level up Scorpios Rex gen 3, its one of the best. it got me high in aviary.


I agree that’s why it annoys me a bit the single line dino are not even OP where are powerful they are quite weak (not phorurex) on apex I agree but on unique such

The level cap is a great idea honestly. I am sorry it came so late. I realize that Ludia set an expectation that you would be able to get easy access to high level creatures instead of building them like us long-time players had to. So I understand how this is probably annoying to some.

The idea of JWA, however, was to collect and build, not get carried by others in raids to get easy Unique and Apex creatures.


Its the worst! I had to go to lockdown at campaign to unlock pvp!

i’m just high enough to have everything but apex raids and no one invites me to these raid so it won’t affect me maybe cuz I’m on google play but i’m happy for the multi fuse

I never get invited to raids so the new cap on stuff only let me multi fuse now I’m working on indoraptor cuz velociraptor spawn all around me next should I work on indotaurus or the other indom hybrid? love the new common getting added to the game looks cute

Everyone does

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To be honest I liked it quite a bit, at least no more annoying low levels ( like <lvl10 )
Spamming to raid Morty

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I would not bother with Indoraptor 1 or 2 tbh. Not that great these days.

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no when i first joined i only had to do campaign mission 1