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Why raids should have better rewards after doing them again

whenever you redo a raid you get bad rewards like yesterday i did a mamotherium raid and got 32 dna but i redid it with a friend that didn’t. He got mamotherium for doing it and i redid it and got a few common and rare dna that’s it i mean it took us a while and i redid it so my reward for my efforts for the raid is common and rare Dna. I mean i should get some more and some epic dna.


Doing raids the first time and beating makes the rewards go down because ludia knows that if people redo it then the player can easily unlock that creature and they made it a 1 battle reward. Also by completing means 10 of the small ones so people don’t duplicate their prizes.

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If they could add some traces amount of epic dna in the incubators after the main boss incubator that would be nice, as long as its not just spino g2. But to make the after rewards “better” than what they are now I feel like just adding some bits of epic dna to match the raid lvl and raid reward would be the best option, along with maybe some coin which could be included in each incubator

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It should be a big coin reward instead of a couple rare and common dna

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ye but we should atleast get like some epic dna like 10 for doing it and 75 rare and 100 common

Agree, they should give out the same incubator (100+ epics for an apex raid for example) without the main boss dnas. That would encourage people to raid again more and doing it again with other doesnt feel too much like a chore but you’re actually gaining stuff you need. Helps motivating people to help out other alliance members as well. It’s often really hard to start a raid once most people in the alliance has already done it. With more rewards there will be more people willing to help others who hasn’t done their first try of the week.
Take me for example I live in uk and when people from Asia get their new boss it’s usually around 10/11pm for me. I dont really want to raid this late but if I dont it will be much harder for me to raid afterwards because everyone has done it and many people arent motivated enough to help. With extra rewards I can rest at night and do raids next day afternoon or evening and people will still help although they’ve done theirs already

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Strategy I made with no level 30’s, and no boosts, sadly it needs to be the levels written on the strat or higher to work though. It is true they should allow more then one raid a week, maybe make it so you can access it from campaign as well

@SSSRARE I have this problem too

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except for Im from Canada, but I have to help others later when Ive already done it making it hard to help everyone, since my whole alliance needs raid dna from either apexes or uniques