Why Replace Raids?

So I got a new phone after my last one finally went to its final breath. I get my phone back and check the new update and it seems awesome (still haven’t done anything about the new OP resilient moves but whatever) but one thing that bugs me is how they’re replacing almost all the raids (Keeping the iffy ones such as blue and styg).

Yes, we do need more raid bosses but then why create two apex bosses for the weekend and nothing more? Why not just add Postimetrodon, Glyptoceras, and Andrewtops on Saturday while Megalotops, Rinchicyon, and Phorurex on Sunday or any of them on Friday. People tend to be less active on the game during the weekends since there aren’t any raids, adding more rather than replacing would be a better idea.

I gotta admit that Elikrogamma needed to be changed but to another and even more recent hybrid that may or may not be used. Not to mention the fact that all these bosses is just a force on the new update creatures onto us.


If replacing raids was really necessary they should have removed the raids that no one does. which they did the opposite. Even though nemys isn’t as good as it was pre 2.9 it’s still better than Indoraptor and Stygidaryx combined. Even if smilonemys “isn’t worth raiding for anymore”, why was grypo removed? and why is stygidaryx still here?


Not to mention that indoraptor is almost impossible to accomplish sometimes and that’s why people just gave up on raiding him. People could just farm off of indominous rex or even t-rex until they get indoraptor. They could’ve replaced blue instead since no one uses blue, sino is actually worth something for raids/tourneys, and plus thor is very useful in the raids they expect us to do.

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Honestly, they are getting rid of old raids that are rather fun. The1 epic raid they should be replacing is Blue, not Sino. Blue gives a useless dna for a rather unfun raid. Mammotherium is one of the best raids out there, and you want to replace it when we have SR right there? Pyrritator could also be replaced if needed. And the 2 Uniques raids that are being replaced make no sense other than they are old. Smilonemys is the 1 Unique raid that you can meme on, and Grypo is a very good unique. We have Indoraptor and Stygidaryx which provide no use to anyone besides collection purposes. But the best option is to place some raids on weekends. They are open for those raids, and you don’t need to replace raids then.