Why ruin great ideas by being

cheap… the gem test of might is such.
10 minimum fights, more likely 20-30+ for a 55 gem reward.

Why not adjust for players lvl.

55 gems really is pathetic for the required effort.

Really was a novel, exciting idea. Perhaps let the team creating these ideas also set the rewards.


Absolutely pathetic. Who would waste there time doing this

Lol I love the click-bait titles of @Khmer :rofl:

Anyways I fully agree, such a non-sense. Even if it was intended for superlobies, it would be far more efficient to farm gems (and coins/items) in Sharpstone…lol…

Ludia you did it again 🤌


The only benefit is if you’re already full on battle chests and need to knock some quests out. The reward is laughable, I chuckled when seeing each amount.

How about 25 per win for a total of 250 gems? It’s still absolutely nothing, but might be a breath of fresh air to some people. It’d also be enough to buy something else ridiculously overpriced that no one ever even looks twice at - like the 200 gems for 100 rares :laughing:

Ludia hands out free chests, gold, gems, and gear to the entire playerbase when they make a mistake - sometimes very big amounts. But when actually playing the game for folks to EARN it, the amount is a joke. You know even half of the players still wouldn’t even bother with it if you increased the amount by 500%.

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It’s all about the Benjamin’s as usual. The only way to get any kind of decent gems for a low time investment at lower and mid level gaming is to pay real money for them or to do one of the dubious Free Gems deals - I don’t know how many free shaving kits I signed up to when I first played the game just to get gems :joy:

I’m sure @Fizbanius and some of the other top players could all give us a lesson in easily farming gems.

So the game dangles the scarce currency (gems) at players to force them into paying for a sufficient amount. As usual, as @DungeonBorn pointed out in the other thread - someone who is time poor and cash rich will be willing to pay for in game items - what the rest of us consider to be an unreasonable level of expenditure for the return.

So the free gems dangle is an In-App-Purchase lure just like the get Cor (or other flavour of the month character) early and exclusively. As long as there are people (suckers?) out there willing to pay for these things on offer - Ludia has no incentive to make the gameplay reasonable and rewarding for the rest of us cheapskates haha.

I’ve said it over and over if they actually put in a decent VIP monthly fee and rewarded those people handsomely - far more gold far more loot from common through to legendary and silver hand and perhaps boosted XP? So people can progress through the levelling slightly quicker. Then they’d be raking in more cash through the masses rather than relying on a few whales who when they get bored of the game and move on will leave the developers out of a revenue stream and lead to the death knell of the game itself. Game over for us cheapskates.


Well said on all points @ninja totally agree.

They’ve clearly tightened up even further on gems, gold, chests, etc. because their revenue stream isn’t what it once was. It’s an unbelievably short-sighted effort to get what they can, from who they can, while they can. I hate to think of it as a last ditch effort, because the latest string of communications shows that they intend to keep this game going indefinitely (ie: more money going into game development and added content).

I always believed it to be a common sense business model that if you give a little more, stop being stingy, and actually ENTICE people to want to play, then you’ll be rewarded. If you get your playerbase to come back to the game by offering rich rewards at cheaper costs, you’ll see far more revenue. But it’ll come from the thousands of small gem purchases, VIP’s, etc. from a massive community - rather than tightening everything, locking down, milking the whales for everything you can, just because some faceless executive needs to see “immediate returns”. Why not 1 month of free VIP for everyone to see what they may be missing? Why a 55 gem reward on a test of might that’ll take at least an hour of gameplay (when most people will earn 2-3 times that in 3 minutes after rolling a 16 on Lightfinger. Even if it’s designed for newer players, again 55 is a joke). A million questions, and we’ve asked them ad nauseum over the months and years. Sadly we know the answers to these.


Idk. I get free gems for doing the Brawler chest. If someone has the time, they can save up 800 gems (or 600 with vip) for the free 360 pass chest good for few hundred challenges and earn 5000+ gems. They’ve had that chest during Events so that gets done too. Depends of course on what dungeon they can run and if they get vip bonuses with the rewards.

Too, there’s no reason after this last weekend for people not to be rolling in gems. Added to that, in this game, unlike others, we can earn gems that normally take currency. Other games don’t give away currency like this.

I was starved for gems when I started the game. I was struggling to get 60 so I could buy 1000 gold. These rewards are not pitiful to new players.

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Over the weekend I played much more than usual. I rolled one 16. Sorry, but I am not “rolling in gems.” 360 just isn’t that much when 2500 is needed for one legendary.

The rewards use to be decent. I was getting a legendary from at least half my red chests. Typically 2 or 3 a month when lucky. Now I rarely see a red chest, and I haven’t pulled a random legendary since August. Had a red chest yesterday and no legendary. I only get mirts gift. All of the rewards are less and the ceiling is limitless. It’s a bad combination that suggests that Ludia does not care if I play their game, a damaging message if they want people to buy into their game.

Yup Baladir, I gain at least 5-6K gems every single one of those books with the free 360 passes. And that includes doing a completely free Test of Might or Silverhand trial that’s running that weekend (thanks to the book). And that also includes just 1 boss kill each run and getting the dice reward (not multiple to try for more gem rolls).

Slimeworms, it frankly sounds like you’re somewhat inactive if you haven’t gotten a single legendary since August (besides Mirt’s freebie). Heck once every month or 2 I even get a random legendary from my Free 4-hour chest. I ran probably about 400 free challenge runs in Lightfinger last weekend and likely rolled about 20 16’s, which is literally 5% of the 400 runs (1 out of 20). You’re either grossly exaggerating or are simply not playing a lot, sorry but I’m not buying it. Sure I may be slightly upset at what are likely some diminished rewards in the red chests, the quests, and various other areas, but let’s not delude ourselves - Ludia does give out completely free currency that most other games do not (as @Baladir stated) .

This is one of the only mobile games that you can literally be competitive without spending a single cent. I’ve gotten myself to levels 16-17, with a ton of amazing gear, a bunch of legendaries, able to beat many level 18/19 parties, and have not spent a dime. Also I have only been playing around 7-8 months. It is easily possible to farm gems and gold without losses.

Baladir is 100% right, if you’re still not happy after having unlimited free play wherever you liked last weekend, and didn’t stock up on gold and gems, then you’ll never be satisfied.

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By devaluing the rewards, they have devalued my time. That is the issue. Awesome that the weekend was free for you guys. Quite frankly it was mostly irrelevant for me because I don’t have time to grind. So now I need more chances to get the same gear I got a year ago. That is supposed to please me? Never being happy? I was mostly happy a year ago. The only serious thing on my complaint list was matchmaking. Now, since I have little time, I don’t waste it on battle events, so I complain less than I did back then about matchmaking. Here’s another thing I’ve noticed: if people complain, things might get changed. Silence guarantees no change. As Minsk says: “Squeaky wheel gets the kick!”

Fair enough, I’m not one to judge you or your time. As I mentioned I haven’t been playing since launch, so I’ve never had the experience of the “old days” when perhaps they gave out more. I guess relative to what I’ve seen for the last 8 months it doesn’t seem like too drastic of a decrease, but if you’re basing it on something from more than a year ago, maybe you just have that experience. I can only speak to the more recent history.

In terms of last weekend, it’s certainly a shame that they didn’t allow folks a chance to use the book whenever was most convenient for them.

I thought it was fairly generous of Ludia, even if it was irrelevant to me personally. I am actually fine with not controlling when it launched as it was so long a duration. The tests of might are useless to me because I cannot control when they launch and they start too late at night for me.

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