Why scen't strikes appear/disappear an hour earlier?

I missed medium scent theropod strike, cause I didn’t look at timer that it disappear an hour before other strikes. Wanted to do it today, as I didn’t need to go anywhere yesterday (in Europe resets happen afternoon each day).
Why are only scent strikes on different schedule than everythink else?

Hey Dinotris, the events usually end at 9 AM EST.

If you think the scent strike ended early for you, could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with the time that it ended for you so our team can take a look? If you could include your support key in the email as well, it’d be really helpful.


I have noticed this too, but didn’t wanna say anything because it’s in our benefit :slight_smile:
I did it today in the hour before the reset today, and guess what… It’s back now!
Don’t tell anyone!

Yeah I did new one right away when appeared at 9 AM EST and now see it as if I didn’t do it.

Thanks @Ned, sent email. Sadly I didn’t do any screenshots.

@Ned I can confirm that I saw the new strike tower up BEFORE 6AM PST today and the other one was gone.

I live in EST and the timer was set to run out at 8am. It was usually 9 when they leave.