Why should continuing playing?

Every update new creatures are even more and more broken. You made two Albertosaurus Hybrids in three updates an exclusive creature.
So almost all players spond DNA on the previous hybrid and now we got another one that is broken.
On 2.15 was the update of bugs. The two bugs that benefices players (Docevia/dodo buff) and 400 DNA have been fixed in only few weeks and Ludia can’t fixed the alliance chat bug that is on game since more than 3 years.
If a bug benefices players will be fixed but if a bug perjudices players won’t be fixed never.
The game is extremely low and lagged since update.
The Solitaire Rodrigues was anonunced as NON EXCLUSIVE and when the Maintenance starts change to EXCLUSIVE this is unacceptable
So why I should continuing a game
If when 2.16 the games have more change dosent anonunced on notes I will uninstall the game


At a specific point you will find out its not worth to play longer.

It is called Power creep.


if the game is no longer fun for you and you cant find anything fun to do anymore, its time to hang it up. i got to the point of not caring about arena score and i became so much happier for it. i focus on collection and using my favorites. but thats just me and dosn’t represent everyone. if you do end up leaving, leave the most brutally honest review you can. save someone else the time.


It’s not just minor power creep either, it’s major power creep, just straight up replacing old creatures or making some creatures essentially unusable, like 3k damage swap in with an instant attack which deals 2.25x damage with priority which is enough to one shot most creatures in the game.


I like Qiew play to collect them all and play them all. My team level creatures are level 20 to 26 and I am almost keeping up with all the new creatures. I don’t have any one team. I make all kinds of teams up. I am usually in lower Avairy, sometimes getting knocked down to the Estates. I have 5 and 6K boosts I haven’t used. No point to boosting. I have all Apex’s except Imperia, which I’m 145/300 at the moment. I’ve only 4 left to unlock. I just unocked and got to play Ardontognatus today. I have Albertocevia I still need to play with. I haven’t got it drawn yet. I played Thylaconyx in a raid but not in PvP yet. I play for fun.


You’ve got to make your own fun. If you can’t keep up in the arena, stop caring. Make creatures you enjoy, play with them, and don’t care about your high score. Focus on the collecting, not the leveling. Spend more time raiding. Just do the parts of the game you actually like, basically. If you can’t enjoy the game that way (and I get it, I couldn’t either – I’m too competitive), you can always quit. Don’t let the sunk cost fallacy or FOMO keep you playing something you’re not enjoying.


When people are saying this about a game, it is a flaw in the game. Games are supposed to be fun, even in the competitive parts of the game. This person wants to know they should continue playing.
I share in their melancholy. If people do quit, they should remember to post a one star review and why.
There is a huge list of complaints, and it feels like the dev team does not care and all we have gotten is broken promises.
Can people overcome this list of complaints that some may feel are legit and some are not?

Broken promise/implication about boost resets occurring. I don’t know about others, but I feel lied to and that management chose profits over integrity and they did this with no apology. None.

Broken promise about updates where they would be releasing new creatures every other update and addressing bugs and balance issues in the other updates… It feels like to me that they might make more money introducing the latest and greatest power creeped creatures each update instead of fixing the game for long term. So that might be why this it feels like they chose to break that promise.

Nerfing of creatures with the claim of balancing, while not actually balancing creatures. Look at all of those unique creatures that are just virtual paper weights in our collection that are not competitively viable in the arena. Some are even less than 6 months old. Many are less than a year old.

Nerfing of creatures only after many players have invested in them. Bait and switch. You can’t imply the creature was nerfed because it was too powerful when this game is no longer in beta and expect people to just take it. It is one thing to say you admit your mistakes, it is another thing to admit the mistake and take accountability. This constant nerfing with no refunds appears to be a business model without accountability or apology. It feels like slash and burn sell techniques that take advantage of people who found a game to love long term.

Claims of trying to make a balanced rock scissors paper game, but choosing the greed of extra money of “power creep” over balancing. After the grand category rebalancing the game never seemed balanced and it seemed like it was just a disguised excuse to nerf many creatures that many players had invested in.

An overabundance of “exclusive” or “limited” creatures required to make new creatures. It used to be hunting for creatures was how to build creatures, but nothing worth building seems to come from the hunt anymore. The business model feels like it has shifted from long term growth, to quick monetary gains, without a care for the customer.

When a new exclusive epic or rare came out, they used to give people a week or two to hunt it. What happened to that? It feels like somebody in management felt a few too many people were too good at hunting, and used too many scents to get the creatures which affected an over all profit margin. So did somebody really choose profit over fun, in yet another manner?

Then there is the constant fear that if you use a resource on a creature it will be obsolete or nerfed, or you should have saved that resource for something new to come along. Looking at Albertocevia versus Albertospinos for instance.

They sell creature DNA for money now, even the newest ones. This is not exactly a bad thing, except, I can’t trust the product to be stable or not get nerfed next month. The goalposts are always moving and always moving too fast. It feels like no matter how hard I work, what ever I get to level 30, will be useless, or I won’t get to play it long enough to enjoy it. In any case, it feels like some of the free to play people are bitter about these constant changes and instead of getting mad at the developers they instead look down on the people who make the purchases. In fact some of the free to play people end of defending the developers actions because it does not seem to readily affect them. This feels like a caustic environment.

I can go on, but I think I captured a fair share of the complaints and why this post is legit.


Because I find it fun.
Do I like all the changes? No.
However I’m also aware that what hurts me, hurts everyone else as well.
I look at the changes and look at what I have.
“Well this sucks. How can I optimize faster what I have and adapt faster than the playerbase?”

I mean thats the whole challenge right there.
Otherwise I would have left long ago.
Weigh the pros and cons of the game.
As long as it’s entertaining, play!
If you hate it, you’ve probably hated it for awhile now.
And you will hate the next patch too.
And the one after.
You’re playing yourself.


Everyones idea of what is fun different,

Everyones idea of what should be done is different,

One thing everyone agrees on is accuracy (a move should do what ludia said its going to do and act how its description says it should act)

I for all my trying dont get to force people to agree with me when i say “to me” every aspect of the game is fun,

But in turn no one gets to tell me that its not fun “at all”,
to them it may not be fun but to me it is,

Should you keep playing if its not fun for you? No you should not,

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Totally agree. Been a long time player. Have loved the game but the performance issues with this last update and not being able to play in a moving car anymore have me asking the same thing.

If only they would create a selectable filter of what you want on the map. I never want to select a sanctuary ever so let me filter them off the map to improve rendering / selecting speed.


Of course no one should play a game if the game is offering no fun to them.

As has been said, one persons idea of what is fun may not be another’s."

I wouldn’t play like I do if I wasn’t having fun and that’s a fact. The only person I have to convince though is myself and if I’m happy that’s all that matters to me.

So my advice to anyone who isn’t happy playing this game is to ask yourself why you’re not happy. If you can’t change what is a making you unhappy then maybe stop. But don’t let others convince you that you should be unhappy. Negativity breeds negativity so are you surrounded by negativity?


Thats actually a great idea. I cant tell how many times ive accidentally hit a sanc or a dino spawns inside one.


Out of curiosity… why would you not want to use a sanctuary?

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Thanks, and I think it would give the appearance of a huge speed / performance boost too. If you’d filter off bosses, sanctuaries, drops, and strike towers when focusing on finding / darting spawns then I think it would be so much better performance.

I’m in a alliance where they are built to L20 and only select members are the ones who place the dinos in the sanctuary to control what is placed. I get to those L20 sanctuaries from the alliance chat page

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Because you are tapping on something you don’t want to tap on. Let’s say you are on a train. The train is moving about 75 miles per hour. You are trying to tap on something, but because of the instability of things, when you think you are tapping on a square box with a surprise, you instead get a sanctuary that takes a while to load, and has a bigger than necessary presence on the screen. When you untap out, that box you wanted to click on is long gone.
You can’t go back, and so it is lost to you.

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You ignored the rest of my post, haha. I said that if you don’t enjoy playing the game and can’t make it fun for yourself, you should quit. I did (or I am on Monday, anyway, after my alliance members collect their rewards and move to their new alliances so I can disband). Just because it’s not fun for me anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be fun for others who enjoy different aspects than I did.


Ha! I have the same plan. Stick it out until Monday and collect rewards then probably go. I wonder how many others have the same plan?

I’m thinking of maybe giving it another chance after the June movie comes out. Hopefully they fix things by then. But if everyone leaves, probably not then.

Due to the game’s issues I’ve changed plans on how I play the game as a whole.

Instead of following the meta using my favorite creatures out of the meta, I’m slowly investing into a ton of creatures to have a team of way more than 8. I eventually plan on getting every single hybrid in the game to a usable level. While this slows down my progress tremendously, it has a few amazing benefits. Something gets powercrept? I have several dozen options to replace it. Something gets buffed? I already have it at a usable level and don’t need to invest extra.

The reason I’ve decided to do this is because with how terrible the past update was and how bad the meta is starting to look, I wanted to change playstyles to where I’m practically immune to powercreep.


The problem with the game is that with so many creatures, only about 10 or 15 creatures are good for pvp, with 301 creatures, Ludia always focuses on the same creatures, and a lot of this is our fault, that we asked for nerfs that, nerfs the other, and when some creatures are balanced, the others are unbalanced, and that is not good for the game, because there is no variety, and the same creatures always face each other, and this game even if I try to collect creatures, gather dna to merge to others, for the common purpose of the battles, and no matter how much you play or not play to be better than others or not, the battles should be fun, and at times they are not, because you always see the same creatures, creatures impossible to win sometimes, practically the battles are always settled as someone else said in a rock, paper or scissors, and these things are what hurt the game, and it is what many people believe that after a while the game is monotone, and in some aspects sometimes it gets boring, which should be the opposite, because that’s what games are for having fun.