Why should I care? 😢

Almost three weeks later, Angel/Emmalyn has finally returned, and instead of getting excited about her return, all I can think is, "Why should I care?"

I only match with the female characters, and even I find it hard to care when any of the female matches return because it’s blatantly obvious that the Lovelink devs themselves don’t care about them. :cry:

That’s a strong take, they care to a degree and they also have had Fei and Elizabeth back in that time frame. I’m thankful for when they return and just ignore who I don’t care about

Maybe some of the devs care, but it seems like the higher-ups only care about what makes them money, and the female characters don’t make them as much money. And I don’t count Fei and Elizabeth because they each have a male counterpart; I reckon if they didn’t have male counterparts, they would be lost in the void like the rest of the female matches

Generally that’s how it is with most story apps unless they are written to target a certain audience

There are a few outliers, but unfortunately, executives chasing the money is a problem not just for games like Lovelink but also for the gaming industry as a whole.