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Why sinoraptor Is a good counter to procerat(if you get it right!)

So, we all know Utahsinoraptor is a good raptor, with its armor and speed, and good moveset, how better can it be?
Well, you are probably thinking, “Procerat is immune and sinoraptor relys on its abilities” that’s true, but we need to go into the topic of rarity.
Procerat is an epic, utahsinoraptor is a legendary, meaning, if they had the same speed, the higher rarity will hit first. That’s why it’s a good counter, like many others. If you’ve boosted its speed to max, and procerat isn’t able to do another priority move, it will kill it, but if it has evasive, then the counter ability of this dino will drop significantly, to probably a 30% chance.
That’s why you have to hit at the right moment, if you survived procerat dr, and its strike, you can kill it with possibably two of its impacts, if not, use the priority move.

This is just a thread for creating counters.



It’s not if you get it right, it’s just if the Prorat plays wrong

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Trusting a dino to win when you totally depend on rival’s bad move… too risky. Utashino is a good one but cant do much damage under normal circusmtances.

Let me stop you right there :wink: First of all, very few people will boost this one’s speed to the MAX, and those who would do that probably won’t invest so much in the raptor because of how it may counter procerats. If you are faster than your opponent’s procerat, a lot of dinos are good counters lol. A faster phorusaura for example shuts down any procerat defense immediately if it is within IR range. Indo g2 is, of course, a perfect counter when it’s faster. Basically most endgame dinos in the current meta are fine against procerat, this is why it’s not really used much in upper library and above. The ones I meet (rarely now) do a very good job of scratching Ardentsmaxima while she destroys them