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Why so few amphibians and pterosaurs?

I see that the new dinosaur for the tournament is likely to be a Brachiosaurus. My first reaction was “sigh yet another herbivore.” Why are there so many carnivores and herbivores and so few amphibians and pteros? Doesn’t that imbalance the game?


we just got a hybrid pterosaur a few weeks ago…


And yet the ratio is about 2 to 1. About 50ish herbivores and carnivores and only 25 amphibians and pteros.

I guess I’m also upset that I just haven’t unlocked any strong amphibians.

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Don’t you even have koolasaurus?

Nope, I need Sarcosuchus for that one and I haven’t unlocked it. I do have 5 of them but that’s still 3 missing and that’s too many DB to try to force it.


Same here, I need that unlock :sob:
Would love to have Gorgosaurus unlocked as well. I need 6 more to be able to make his hybrid.


It seems to be a problem. Just not enough amphibians to be had and if you’re a tournament person you’re going to struggle since the game favors carnivores. I am level 78 and my best amphibian is a level 40 Diplotator. Since there is nothing else I can make due to missing unlocks, the best I can do is hope I get some in the 10k VIP packs and keep stockpiling Sarcosuchus S dna to make a Diplosuchus.

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Its just because theres more herbivores and carnivores than pterosaurs and amphibians IRL.

Sure, Ludia favored carnivore tourny-hybrids but there has already been high amounts of carnivores.

Im just glad next dino release isnt a carnivore (AHEM Glynthorax)

Im builting an Ostaposaurus army so like im cool with only a few amphibians. Meanwhile i gotta work on my pterosaurs. I just wish suchopterus was more powerful.