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Why so few female matches?

I’ve been playing Lovelink for almost 2 months now, and I’ve just been matching with the female characters.

But I’ve been able to match with just 11 female characters (I don’t think there are anymore active female characters) which include Felicia Fatale and Susan Sheridan(with whom I’ve matches recently).

Out of these 11 matches 8 have gone grey(offline for a while).

Do you guys think there should be more female matches possible?


I’ve been playing since last September and it hasnt been any better. There’s lack of knowing when a character will get new content and it was said that matches can come back up to 4 times a week depending on how much the writing team has done

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Thank you for your feedback, S.Mahajan! This is definitely a hot topic that has been brought up by other players as well.

While I can’t make any promises on future content, please rest assured that the feedback on more female stories has been passed along to our team. :slight_smile:

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I’m a bi woman, so I didn’t really notice this issue as I can pick from both, but I think I might have an idea why ?

Now obvi the devs have data and know more so I could be wrong on their end.

But usually games like this tend to be played by significantly more girls than guys ? And most women are straight, and afaik there’s more bi women than lesbians who like both. So making guy options is by far the safer bet and maybe more played ?

Idk though, it’s just something I’ve noticed in the years of playing dating sim/otome games

@S.Mahajan It’s because they feel they need 2 try 2 hard to bee like a reel dating app so they just dont give 2 cares about having more female characters 2 match with.
its ben demanded since september and it falls on def ears. they ansur by bringing in more guys 2 prove they dont care. i dont beleev 4 a second that the devs are listening or actually care

@ManicPixie i no more gusy then girls who play this. i have encountered a higher male stitistick. but what can we do? ludia doesnt care

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I’m not interested in the female characters so it doesn’t matter to me :laughing:


:arrow_right: :heartpulse: tbh @S.Mahajan i actually have been coming across a whole heck of a lot more girls than guys whenever I am looking through the current “future matches” that are displayed for me to see whenever I open up my Lovelink app
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@strayblackcatXIII :heartbeat:Me too, me too!! :pray:amen amen amen :pray:

But the thing is those are still “future matches” where as they keep on adding more and more of male matches every now and then.

Anyways let’s see how they go about it :slight_smile: