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Why so many errors?

This is really annoying, they have had a few big problems recently like the clash of the titans and the prize drop. I was trying to get more DNA but wasted it on this scam bait. It’s not good.
Please do something about it.

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They gave 20 free tickets and I mean come on if you actually thought Ludia was gonna give 96,000 dna like that meaningfully then something is wrong. I do agree the errors have been a tad annoying but they are doing there best and have compensated us every time.

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How did you get your 20 free tickets? I have not seen anything for this error. I just want the DNA I spent refunded. I had no reason to purchase the tickets for that drop other than the first prize option. Yes it was an error, but an error on their part, I signed up for one thing and then they gave me another, after I had already paid the fee. They should either refund the ticket purchase or honor the original offer.


I got a message saying I’ll get 20 free tickets tomorrow

@Freshprince where did you see this message? I’m in the same boat as @Sionsith all I show is max tickets for this rounds draw.

I got the same message as @Freshprince. Open the prize wheel

Ok saw the massage. I’ll believe it after I claim the prizes tomorrow and see if it shows max tickets for Thursday’s draw

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It was a pop up saying error, it’s not a proper message in the mail box.

And I did not receive said reserved tickets

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@Andy_wan_kenobi same here

@Ned, so it seems the solution was given to some players but not all. I have no “extra” tickets today after receiving the swapped out prize of 14 x 100,000 food in place of what should have been 14 x 95,500 DNA:
After collecting this “prize” I expected based on what others have commented here that I would have automatically been given free entry into today’s Gold ticket drop, however:
image that was no additional tickets there.
I sent a request through the in game support yesterday after I saw your advice to @7DayDino. I have yet to hear back from them accept for the automated response letting me know someone would contact me, eventually.

Based on the prize drop results from yesterday I have been shorted either one of the following depending on how Ludia decides to look at handling the mistake they made:

  • 8,000 DNA for my entry fee that should have been refunded when Ludia decided to change the prize options after I had already purchased my tickets or
  • 8,000 DinoBucks as the cost to enter today’s gold drop which seems to be the remedy given to some players or
  • The original prize that I would have won based on swapping of the original 95,500 DNA to 100,000 food which would have been 1,337,000 in DNA.

I am a reasonable person when a company rectifies a mistake that they created. In the past Ludia has made mistakes and has remedied those mistakes. The players that purchased tickets for the prize drop under the impression of the original rewards did nothing wrong as they were participating in a transaction under the rules that Ludia established, to then change the rules of that transaction after it was completed is shady at best and in most states illegal at worst if no compensation is given to remedy the original transaction.

I will still play the game as I enjoy it but will have a sour taste in my mouth about it until Ludia decides to make this right.

I have been in Ludia’s shoes before and I can tell you so far this has not been handled appropriately.

If I was on Ludia’s side my remedy probably would have looked like the following (not sure if all of this is possible but going to assume it is)

  • fix the prize drop error to the correct prize which Ludia did and even changed the cost of the drop (this was a good thing)
  • had my support team pull data for all players that made original purchases with DNA, since in step one after we changed the prize and the cost anyone that paid under the original cost purchased under the “incorrect” prize options.
  • all players that were affected would get an in game message letting them know there was an issue with the prize drop and that Ludia was working on a solution (owning the issue through early communication is a key point to letting your customers know that you have their backs)
  • the above option just bought you some time to decide how to rectify the situation which any of my options up above would work via an in game message similar to the clash of Titans issue resolution.
  • the solution should be one that hurts Ludia a bit but does not hurt the customer. The second option of either giving 20 gold tickets towards the next drawing is a decent option, but would have been made better had you just delivered the DB to players inboxes to be used as they see fit.

Mistakes once owned become teachable points for employees and become ways to strengthen your companies brand, mistakes not owned and rectified become cancers in your companies brand which can eventually drive not only customers effected away but those same customers turn into walking advertisements on why future potential clients should not do business with your company.


Put it this way: threads like this kill any hope Ludia ever had of having me spend real money on this game. VIP membership? No, thank you.

My condolences to the rest of you who got short-changed.

I wonder just what kind of “teaching” and “coaching” most employees would offer a worker who makes this kind of mistake. I get the feeling @Sionsith is being especially kind. While I do think people who make mistakes can learn from them and eventually make the company money, I don’t think most of the business world is so far-sighted. It’s probably “teaching” the employee how to put his or her things in a box and get a security-guided walk to the door.

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Hey Sionsith, I can understand the frustration, and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not heard from our team yet. Sadly I don’t have access to our team’s procedures, but I’m sure they’ll try their best to make this right for you once they get a chance to review your ticket.

I did not receive my tickets either

Hey Freshprince, could you reach out to our support team here at so our team can take a closer look into your account? If you could also include your support key in the email, it’d be really helpful as well. Thanks!

Not to add or take from anyone’s post. I bought the twenty tickets yesterday before even looking at what the prizes were. Realized it was probably an error on Ludia’s part. They changed it. I didn’t really mind that much, but getting a million plus dna would have been awesome.

I also had the message for 20 free gold tickets that have yet to be seen.

I’m not unhappy or upset by this and feel bad for those that feel scammed a bit. Either way, I still enjoy the game.

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I haven’t heard anything on my service ticket yet, but I will let the group know when I hear something. I also did not receive any tickets for tomorrows gold prize drop.

To me it was clear that it was an error from Ludia. Not the first one of this kind which were always adjusted.

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It’s fine I don’t need it I got the pack from the lottery so I’m pretty happy also don’t really wanna go through emails and all that but thanks anyway !!

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Support addressed the issue on my side: