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Why so much hatred towards "yoshi?"

It’s a tool that ludia provided for players to use in-game, as such it shouldn’t be considered a “crutch” for that reason. Another argument I hear all too often is yoshi being too broken due to its rarity, who cares? Rarity is irrelevant for the most part, and I noticed that the same isn’t said about Indominus gen2, thylacotator. Yoshi has more counters compared to the top five dinos in the game (orion, gemini, indo gen2, maxima, and tryko). Personally I think this whole 1.12 battle balancing survey was a terrible idea and I fear for any harsh nerfs yoshi might get.


Personally I wouldn’t worry to much it’s going to get nerfed but I really don’t think it will be destroyed, as only half the community judging by previous threads want it gone completely…

People really need to get a grip though and learn to counter it because it really is easy to kill if you know how…


I’m gonna put aside the fact that Ludia literally confirmed that rarity is an intended factor in terms of power and outline the problem with Yoshi that makes it overpowered as a dino, and not just an epic.

Yoshi has the following:

  • Highest speed of any high tier creature in the meta
  • Immunity to all negative effects
  • Double Distract
  • Evasive Stance, meaning more damage absorption
  • Absolutely ridiculous health for something with as high attack and speed as it.

It’s a combination of all of the above things that make Yoshi a problem. Very few things can beat it, and it often plows through entire teams. It simply has too high base stats and too oppressive of a kit to be considered acceptable. I like Yoshi, but it needs adjustment. A mild stat nerf is all I ask. Around 3k health and 1.5k damage is perfectly acceptable. In fact it is extremely lenient since that still makes it better than most unique fast dinos.

inb4 Yoshi users commenting “use precise, nullifying and definite attacks” when none in the meta can handle Yoshi, and telling us to learn to counter it when there are almost none other than Gemini, which isn’t even a secure win.

So yeah, Yoshi is a problem.


Just reverting it back to its pre super buff would work as well. (if thats the same as your stat suggestion, sorry. I don’t quite remember what her stats were then.) She has the best survivability kit of any dino. 3600 health ( i believe it went up to 3900 at one point), high damage, speed, and immunity already make for an impressive creature.

I don’t want Yoshi to be nerfed to the ground, but rather taken back a peg or two from the super buff it got a while ago. It will still be good, but much less oppressive.


I think thats the problem. People don’t know how to counter it. The best thing I know for it is superiority strike


Agreed. It was one of those sad cases of “one buff too many” like Maxima in 1.10.


People deserve a little more credit. Countering things isn’t severely complicated. It’s when one creature has an unbalanced kit and is a counter to far far more creatures than can counter it that makes it a problem. This is a very accurate description of procera btw:


I dont hate yoshi… but it should not be better then monomimus based on Ludias claims that rarity effects balance.

So yoshi needs to come down a little and monomimus needs to go up alot.

That said we know how this is going to play out… soon yoshi will be nerfed. And it will be reduced to being a component in a new hybrid. Said hybrid will be roughly as strong as yoshi was pre nerf.

People who have invested boosts and levels into yoshi will blame people on the forums for getting their favorite dino nerfed. People who complained about yoshi will now complain about its new hybrid.


Don’t forget to add that it’s made of arena exclusive ingredients …

I’ve seen tons of 28+ yoshis that have consumed a lot of proceratosaurus DNA.

This alone detered me from leveling mine.


Yeah and its been featured as an event dino an awful lot this patch. Which is why i backed off on leveling mine. If it fuses into a unique thats 200 yoshi dna a fuse. Rather be able to create the unique on day 1.

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I haven’t gone after the ingredients for it when they were featured. there was usually something else i needed more of. That being said. Lv 22 with 1200 on the stack. and 11.8K procerato and 7K oronitho. I think i’m ready for its hybrid.

It just needs a good monomimusing. It must be worse than Monomimus, which has a much harder to obtain epic ingredient in monolophosaurus

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It can dodge

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Yeah i was using the featured so often as a pretty good warning a hybrid is near.

Ludia likes to feed us dna we want to use… but then makes us regret using it if we do. Not always, sometimes they give us to much like Alanqa.

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My beautiful yoshi can be a pain to deal with but you can deal with him if you are a tank with ss pretty easy. Yeah is kinda op but all thanks to the weird buff he got some patches before and of course the boosts. I really think he will get a nerf and sadly not a small one. So to compensate that he will get a hybrid imo. I have mine at lvl20 and i can level him up but i am waiting to see what will happen. I just hope this story end is a happy one. :crossed_fingers:


They will indeed blame forum frustration. But it’s easy to see it does too much with too much. It will be there own faults for going all out on an op crutch boost mascot blindly.

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I’m also not worried about the rarity factor. It’s cool seeing different rarities do good. But this one is doing a little too much. When it stampedes through many uniques.

If I don’t draw Dio or Erlidom Yoshi can be a problem.
Where I’m at not many run it so I don’t really design my team around countering it, but yeah.
A L30 Yoshi can ruin my whole day with a bad draw.
That being said, it’s not really a dino I’m overly worried about.

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Erlidom is iffy though what happens when evasive works with 75% of the time. Yoshi nullifies speed up than obliterates erlidom.

Dio is good against it but is a big sitting duck for a lot of the meta dinos at least it was for me. Idk… heh

These are also the five hardest dinos to get in the game… Well maybe not Indo, but its’ “Kitchen Sink” attack needs a serious nerf too.

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