Why some leader's dinos changed from winners to common dinos?



Looks like they are intending to go down to the lower arenas.


Or they were caught cheating and took the reset from Ludia over the ban that’s coming.


Players mid account reset have posted randomness on their old account. Could be a buggy midway reset.

They possibly changed to a weaker squad to enjoy a strike event. I know I did.


Friend battles, if they cheat dont matter if change dinos or not


The above screenshot is of a known youtuber. I believe he is part of the M-hub tournament and preparing for it or doing friendly battle like mentioned above.

If an account is banned, they won’t be on the leaderboard anymore.


I think he’s just having a little fun making everyone guess what’s going on. He’s definitely no cheater. Having reached no. 1 he’s probably just holding on (not battling) until the inevitable reset for everyone above 3,500 trophies.

Everyone else on top of the leaderboard certainly looks like either cheater/hacker or whale. Time will tell :wink:


He’s competing in challenges.


Yes I read about that somewhere! They can only use common dinosaurs at this point!

Btw this is not something Ludia is doing I think it is a private challenge going on


I was just about to say that! If they reset an account the trophies would go with it!


Metahub is running them


Thank ya! That’s where I read it! I was looking for a spawn list


Resets would have sent them to level 1 though, not left them on 15


this morning the leader board changed dramatically…almost fifty 5000-points players gone…level 29 uniques disappeared as well