Why some players have BLUE event and the rest don't have? I think everybody should be treated the same

“Ready to launch the Canadian only Blue event… 3…2…1… GO!”


An event exclusive for Canadians and spoofers…hmmmm

one of our teammates darted a few thousand grypo dnas in a week when he was in canada…while i can only dart a few hundreds…

correct: one of our teammates darted more than 10k grypo dnas in a week when he was in canada, his grypo unique is now lvl 30. he finished the last 3 levels in that single week.

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My gif got hidden? Seriously?

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It’s back now lol they must have had second thoughts, you’re right it did go oh actually let me delete my cache

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I saw that it was hidden and was about to go mad… how can 1 gif so PERFECTLY sum up what those of us who are literally lost for words on this can’t put into writing.

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I’m just sat here shaking my head and unable to respond to this… am UTTERLY bewildered.

For the second time in an hour (after seeing the mods are not allowing “goodbye” posts to have responses any more).

What in the WORLD is going on with Ludia’s mentality?

If Ludia were a person we’d get them an intervention STAT.

Un-be-liveable :woman_facepalming:t3:


I saw that thread too (the goodbye one) and was expecting some major drama - nope. Just a normal thread, shut down for no reason.

That doesn’t even make sense.

  1. Epic DNA only takes 200 per unique fusion
  2. They won’t make a Blue hybrid unless the film franchise does it.
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when they announce that hybrid in the future, and you will never find a single Blue dna in incubator or on the street…

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They better follow it up with event exclusive to all except Canada !

I was rooting for Raptors to win but now, I’ll support GSW! Go warriors!


Yea, they said it’s because of arguments and trolling(!) I have never seen trolling and the only arguments are legitimate ones that aren’t going away any time soon because there’s still a problem.

Shutting threads so others don’t realise how many people are leaving is not going to solve that.

And then… THIS. It doesn’t matter that Blue is at the moment an irrelevant Epic…

JWA is, unless I am mistaken

  1. a GLOBAL game


  1. Blue is the only raptor left alive in the films which means her DNA may end up doing something…

Ludia… I don’t know what to say… you just don’t help yourselves. You’re in a big pile of steaming right now and then you go and do this… for what? My days. shakes head


I’ll get a fire going under the pot of tar, someone go search out some goose down pillows.


I mean there is another popular mobile game that has regional events pretty often…and people don’t seem to complain.

Remember when AMC theatres gave us free epic incubators? Don’t recall too many people saying its unfair for people in countries that don’t have AMCs. And that incubator was 1000% more useful than 10 Blue attempts.

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Actually, I remember people complaining about it…

but it was a year ago now, so not too fresh in people’s minds.

Oh for the love of Lord Lythronax Ludia…

WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT? :see_no_evil::tired_face::woman_facepalming:t3:


I remember a lot of folks complaining about that one.


@Ludia_Developers you guys are hilarious.

Things aren’t going well at all in this game and you keep doing simple things like this to make your customer base get even more mad LOL


Well those people should have driven to an AMC.

I didn’t complain. Not complaining now. Granted I can’t even visit Canada but thats because they have stupid laws.

Ludia gone mad like: