Why speed tie not fix

Speed tie is really unfair to all Asian players, as we are 100% slower due to distance with server.
This is not about whether players prefer to be slow or fast in the option, we at Asia dont have choice, always slow.
This is unfair game arrangemnt.
Majority of players near main server will enjoy this advantage and vote for status quo.
As a game planner, you should make decision based on as fair play, not majority prefernece.

As a for example on current tournament, when oppoenent and me both send out mammo, i always lose due to speed tie, on all matches. This is really frustrating.

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Because fixing problems with the game would be work for Ludia - and they 'ain’t doing that!

Oh yeah, and according to the super well conducted and very scientific poll that Ludia ran, nobody wanted this fixed.


What ya mean man? They are great at running things…into the ground that is.

If they put as much effect into fixing the game as they do into gouging players the game would be legendary.

Speed ties definitely need something done, I used to always lose them due to being in Australia. Then again this is the same company that gave 100 Blue attempts to players in their own hometown while the rest of the player base got shafted. They have never been about equality or fairness.


Fix. Your. Speedtie.


Everyday until ludia does something other then send out a crappy survey.

I get more annoyed when I tap on a move, then I have to wait an entire second only for the game to somehow let my opponent go first. What the heck?