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Why spend real cash to boost broken dinos?

That’s all this tournament has proven. It doesn’t make anyone look better than anyone else. It’s obvious who spends who spends the most and they still fall for it. Ludia is just milking them until the next broken dino comes along. When most are calling for major improvements, the cash cows continue to prevent that.

Okay… You are jealous that players are spending money and beating you?

What works for everyone will always be boosted highly. Its free will. Why would people be foolish enough to boost dinos that dun help them win? Of course players will boost what they feel will help them the most in arena.

I mean, if they enjoy playing that way, then how does it matter what Ludia’s balancing intentions are? Isn’t enjoyment the point of playing?
You can’t force them to care about balance.

It would make sense if you were trying to convince the big spenders to “see the light”, but all you’re doing is mocking them at this point.

Ludia is the only party responsible for imbalance. The spenders are just doing what we’re all doing: trying to enjoy the game.


Interesting. Most likely don’t care about game quality.

The user isnt obligated to make the game balanced for others. This isnt cooperative gaming. Its competitive so any advantage is sought.

You really honestly believe that people who don’t spend money on the game are jealous of people who do?


I feel pity for their priorities personally. I don’t think many people are feeling jealous at all imho.

But it just boils down to the fact that people are going to do what makes them happy I guess.


The human brain is weird. I dunno what people get jealous over. I am asking why is he complaining about.people spending money to gain an advantage in a game? Its their choice. So they have to live with the decision.

It’s kind of immature to spend money on an free app game, especially if you consider the amount of money you have to pay, it’s not like done with 50$, no you need to spend like 100 if not a 1000$ to get what some people have achieved by doing that. This tournament just made me laugh how people waist their money on not even relevant dinos.
But like the other people said, it’s their choice, we cannot prevent them from spending money, unfortunately it’s how the game works currently. Ludia wrecked the game with that decision but they are in charge, and if we don’t like the game we don’t need to play it. That’s the sad truth


Let those whales spend their money. The more they spend, the longer the rest of us can enjoy a FREE game!


I get the complaint I really do I just don’t understand why so many complain about it. personally I’d never spend money on a game so I don’t and that’s my view, but does that mean I’m going to go shame everyone who spends money or become jealous of them. No, because I have my own beliefs and others have theirs. yes I understand if they’re casing you less happiness but there’s so many other things you can be happy about. You can feed The dinos in AR collect super cool and powerful ones and the thing I enjoy the most is using skill to beat the buyers and yawn spammers showing them that they can buy all they want but skill and disciplinary earned power trumps bought power anytime so as I said I understand the complaint but It’s ultimately in my perspective entirely unnecessary. The powerful do get more powerful but that doesn’t mean the weak have to stay weak

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The question i wanna ask is this? What would be preferable? Players who put in the effort and resources (money/time/skill) getting the same rewards as players who just want handouts or those who work for it getting what they worked for?

You want to know why this season and the last season feel like battling is getting worse? The rewards for the top players which is meh. The real top players will have their own fun. The next tier will slow down their progress or reverse it to avoid Nublar Shores, have easier matches, try new dinos or play their previous monsters.

Boosts ultimately have escaped containment so unless Ludia is willing to take the hit and the player base is willing to foot the bill, boosts are here to stay.

I disagree with this part. That happens only sometimes and its really quite rare. There’s absolutely no way that an unboosted team is beating an all maxxed boost team. No matter how much skill or thought power a player has. When your opponents dinos one shot yours and you take 3 hits to take there’s out. There is no way to win lol.

Take ProRat tourneys for example. Do you really think your skill is going to triumph a maxxed boosted lvl 30 ProRat? Because its not, more likely to get 3-0’d. No matter how skilled or smart you have became.

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It’s rare but possible so yes it’s not easy to do and sometimes impossible but it’s fun and enjoyable when you do do it is what I was saying

Oh I know I do understand you. I’ve done it, it does feel great. However, its really slim picking at times and worse in advantage tourneys that have arena boosted creatures. If only that was something that could happen often. Where skill could win more frequently.

I’m also not against people boosting and buying boosts. But I do wish players would pick there own dinos. Instead of “oh I need to get my proRat max boosted, because it gives me the advantage”. Its way to rare to find players who pick there teams instead of following what wins now… We have seen it… no one can deny… Thoratolo, DC Rat, Ig2, ProRat…

No originality. Just follow the :carrot: wonder what creature will be the new salesmen. Perhaps maxima/gemini are too.

I understand that this is on Ludia for creating crappy balance. But if I can avoid 90% of that list of creatures others could of too.


I totally agree my entire team avoids the annoyances it’s all just my favorite creatures. and it’s so annoying when people just boost the broken creatures making them unstoppable monsters that no one likes except for the people who boost those ones

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