Why still no boost reset ludia

we dont get the boost reset on 2.9 and now 2.10 we still dont get it :thinking:


Ludia devs, please give us a boost reset, you just nerfed two of the most boosted creatures in the game and there is no boost reset.


i suspect boost reset/shuffle takes place abt 6 mths apart, the previous one was in May, so the nxt one is in Dec or thereabout, pure speculation tho.

With all the major changes to the game:

  1. Move change on Resilient which affected the whole class
  2. Nerf to 2 most popular AKA heavily boosted dinos
  3. Complete change of the tournament format. 4 consecutive unique advantages in 4 ACs while there was none before. (Ludia, did you make some private agreement with some top spenders or else it just doesn’t make sense?!)

With these major game changes, shame on you, Ludia, that you don’t give back players’ investment


They have to work out all the bugs and plan for the next set of nerfs so they can give us a shuffle so we move boosts around, THEN they can announce the new set of nerfs and cause more uproar and more activity on the forums. Round and round the boost roller-coaster goes.


To put it into simple terms, they are money hungry.


still nothing ?

Yes. Sí. Ten Character.

Why should they do so? Not boost resetting brings diversity to the arena. All the maxxed boosted non-meta creatures and that makes things fun.

It anything there should be more nerfs and buffs so more diversity can happen and the community will be happy.

Because :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

they are money hungry am i right

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They want you to buy bundle, same reason why Parasaurolophus Lux spawn rate is too low