Why stygimomoch?


In my 8 hours incubator im always got 15 dna from this epic, i try go down in tournament points but nothing works, i wish i could chose that 15 dna points from the past arenas, is this some kind of bug or its normal way?


Normal is the exclusive incubator dino everyone gets it.


This is not a bug.

For Stygimoloch, the fact is that the 8h incubator give a guaranteed amount of an exclusive epic dino (that is a dino that doesn’t spawn in the wild). Therefore, seen that Stygi is the only exclusive epic dino so far, you are guaranteed to receive her dna in every 8h incub (there is also her face on the incubator details).
When Ludia will put other exclusive epic dinos, it will be a gamble between these dinos. Hopefully in the next release.

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