Why TapJoy offers from other user so high and my offer so low?

I tried to get hard cash from TapJoy but mostly the offers quite low. But then today I saw another user post his offer and it’s 17,650 hard cash! In the mean time I got only 3,174 !!! How come it’s so different? We are both level 16 . And why Ludia always talk about fair play no cheater but this game never be fair like before if you are not in town you will not get good dino or less supply drops.
So please clarify how come this offer are so different?


I saw the same offer, but mine was for about 10K. That is a huge difference for each.

Try opening your account on a different device and see what you get. They are sometimes different, but that is ridiculous.


They are messing with us, bad…

3k hard cash VS 17k??? What the hell???

my ios can’t switch to TapJoy 's game screen…that 's even worse